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Daddy’s A Woozel! And I’m A FAILURE!

So yesterday was Mac’s 3-year well-child visit with the Pediatrician. And she didn’t disappoint. I walked out of there feeling like a complete parenting failure. As we all know, Mac is not fond of the Doctor, so I was initially feeling very fortunate he was just clinging to Chris for dear life and mildly hyperventilating as opposed to thrashing about
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Can You Just Leave My Placenta Alone ALREADY?!

Shee-us . . . I’m so sick of this pregnancy. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I haven’t had booze in at least 27 weeks. It’s not the poor sleep or the fact that I’m certain this kid somehow manages to stick his arm OUT of my uterus into the birth canal at least 16 times
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The Pediatrician

I really do like our Pediatrician.  She’s clearly on top of her medical training.  She has a booming practice and still manages to stay timely with her appointments.  Her staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  And perhaps most importantly she takes time at every one of our wellness appointments to talk with us. This leaves me feeling semi-clueless and perhaps just
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