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Reluctant Mother DIYs. . .a Tattoo?

I’m just certain you were all dying to know what the heck it is I do when I’m not cleaning up excrement, dinner, or pet hair. . .And when I’m not sweating out some cheap box-o-wine while hiking and birding. . . Allow me to introduce to you my downtime delusion. . . Yes, clearly I am 36 with the
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Stuff We Love: Cafeteria Trays

You know what I like?  Ok, you read this blog primarily to hear me rant about stuff I don’t like.  I get it.  Disenchantment and sarcasm follows, I swear. I like when my food looks nearly as great as it tastes.  I’m no culinary pro.  I am certainly not a self-proclaimed foodie.  However, I think we can all agree a
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