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Technically, It Was Abandoned Property. The Police Said So.

Wednesday after my highly unproductive prenatal appointment, Mac and I hit the Park for our evening walk a little earlier than usual.  Chris went running and met us at the far side of the Park for the walk home. On our way into the Park, Mac and I passed a tricycle.  A small, OLD, purple tricycle.  It was sitting unattended
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What’s Even BIGGER Than a New Blog? A BABY OF COURSE!!!!

It’s not without reservation that I’m writing this post. . .because it’s VERY early. Like, I’m pretty sure the pee still hasn’t dried on the positive pregnancy test(s) yet. BUT Reluctant Mother has decided to go and get her stupid self knocked up (again) and I’ve decided I’ll share it ALL with you! (Aren’t you lucky?) TO BE CLEAR: RELUCTANT
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