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Possibly the Grossest Thing I’ve Ever Witnessed. . .Twice.

This isn’t about my kid or what we did yesterday.  It’s a story from when I was younger. . .but I’m hoping you’ll read it anyway.  I promise it’s gross-funny. In December of 1992, I reached the magical age of 15.5 years, this was the age kids in my area could get a part-time job.  Despite my field hockey practices,
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It’s Gross Humor. . .At My Own Expense. . .With Bonus Drunk Pics!

Ok.  So what follows is a little gross and veers a little into TMI territory. . .consider yourselves warned. . . Last Wednesday and Thursday nights we stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Maryland.  It’s a really nice waterfront resort (We know it’s a resort because they charge resort fees – whatever the eff they are for?) and they
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