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Hey Everybody, Mac Learned a New Trick!

This kid of mine. . .I’ll tell you what, there’s no limit to the places he’ll go in this world! He clearly has the perseverance and stamina to pursue even the most difficult of challenges. He’s unstoppable! And that is exactly why he has me positively insane. Thanks to his ingenuity and relentless pursuit of things he shouldn’t be touching,
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Is It Possible to Baby-Proof My Judgment?

I think we all know by now, my parenting expertise has been gleaned from Dr. Sears, keeping a few domesticated animals alive, and perhaps occasionally The Deadliest Catch. The first 6, 8, 10 months with the kid haven’t been too taxing despite my cluelessness.  Mac has a generally pleasant demeanor and I’ve been able to essentially indulge his every need
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