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Our Biggest Parenting Fail Yet

We’re getting out-of-town for a few days and returning to nearly a week’s worth of fun stuff for Mac’s birthday.  So I’m in laundry, cleaning, list-making hell. But last early last evening, I felt like I had things kinda’ sorta’ under control.  And I didn’t feel exhausted or miserably uncomfortable.  So instead of suggesting Chris take Mac to the playground
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What Husband SAID v What Reluctant Mother was Supposed to ACTUALLY HEAR

Have I mentioned how kind, patient, and thoughtful my Husband is? Have I mentioned to you he ceases to be any of those things if there is the slightest thing wrong with his stomach? Yep. Hungry, queasy, or grumbly. . .it doesn’t matter.  The results are always the same:  He’s a MONSTER!  A MONSTER!!! To make matters worse, I have
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Clueless or Cunning?

WHO:  Chris, Deni, Baby Mac WHEN:  Last night, about 8:30 WHERE:  Our bed. WHY:  Exactly! WHY OH WHY, can’t I even enjoy a fucking sandwich in peace? Little Mac was propped up between us on a pillow.  I had just read him a couple of stories and I decided it was time for my fat ass to have a snack.
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