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What To Do When It Literally Comes Crashing Down

Last Thursday, I was awake early, itching to get rid of another 50 percent of something in this house.  What exactly I wasn’t sure, but with big plans the following few weekends, I have to get stuff done. . .as fast as I can. I futzed around in the basement moving some junk into a pile for donation.  I did
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Muthaeffing Fingerprint: A Story About A Not So Brilliant Finish

Every time I turn around, I find cruddy little fingerprints and smudges on every surface.  EVERY SURFACE!!!!! At first they were so teensy and cute, I’d sigh wistfully at the nearly perfect little specimens on the front of the dishwasher and think, “Self, it’s nearly a shame to wipe these away, someday you’ll barely remember how darling Mac’s little hands
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