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Keeping Perspective: Is that. . .A TURD?

Apologies for flaking yesterday.  I got awake at 4:30 all cranked on ripping the stuff out of our upper kitchen cabinets and cleaning them really well and re-organizing them. Mac has now graduated to outsmarting-the-childproofing on the kitchen DRAWERS too so anything that could pose a danger there needs to be relocated. . .Where do you hide your knives?!  I’m
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How I Know I’m NOT The Maid

We are once again preparing to go on a little trip. BUT this time it’s ON!  It’s ON!  Room service.  In a waterfront room.  With an awesome indoor pool and towel service!!!! Please pause for the sweet sound of angels singing. . . I’m GETTING A PROPER VACATION!!!!!! Even though I tell myself not to get all amped up about
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