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TwatWaffle. . .Now That I Have Your Attention: What I Learned From Three Spoons

You know what happens when you spend a lot of time being “productive”? You have poor blog material. I don’t think I did one thing yesterday that was stupid enough to expand into a 1500 word diatribe about my incompetence. It’s amazing.  I can’t believe it either.   Today is a new day full of promise, right? I’m still really
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Hey Everybody, Mac Learned a New Trick!

This kid of mine. . .I’ll tell you what, there’s no limit to the places he’ll go in this world! He clearly has the perseverance and stamina to pursue even the most difficult of challenges. He’s unstoppable! And that is exactly why he has me positively insane. Thanks to his ingenuity and relentless pursuit of things he shouldn’t be touching,
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Kid’s Acrobatics Strikes Terror In The Heart of Reluctant Mother

Mac has been practicing all sorts of pint-sized acrobatics these days.  He can walk about six or seven steps completely unsupported.  He can stand and balance himself unassisted for longer and longer periods of time.  He’s able to go from a seated position to standing without needing to pull himself up on anything. Of course, I’m proud of him. .
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