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Friday Funny: It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Francis?!

This was in the church bulletin. . .It’s apparently an actual product.  JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! If Catholic Guilt had a stench. . . Not to judge. That wouldn’t be very Christian of me right?

The Race to Eternal Damnation

Sorry about the spotty posting recently.  We were having some technology issues. . .and a leaky sink. . .and the kid dropped my keys in a storm water grate in the Park. . .but those are all posts for another day. . . Hopefully, the wireless Internet is planning to function consistently again.  And my phone seems to be working
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In Which the Sermon Sucks and Possibly Earns Reluctant Mother A One Way Ticket to Hell

We made a little party for Mac on Saturday to kick off what is shaping up to be a week-long birthday extravaganza.   It was a simple party and our guest list was short – his godparents and their son who is about 6 months older than Mac. I’ve known Mac’s god-mother since 6th or 7th grade.  And I was
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