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Hey, Remember Lil?

Nearly a year ago I ran into an 80-year old lady who lives several blocks from our house.  Her name was Julia but she goes by Lil because her mother was a Polish immigrant and could never properly pronounce Julia. Remember how sweet little Lil talked my ear off for almost an hour telling me all about what the neighborhood
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My Baby Bump Was Assaulted By A Drunk!

So remember from yesterday’s uncharacteristically “thoughtful” post, we had dinner with my in-laws last weekend? We went to church Saturday evening.  Church was hotter than hell itself.  I’m certain of it.  I CANNOT believe we picked a church without air conditioning!  I’ll NEVER make that mistake again. It was touch and go, but we all made it out alive.  And
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In Which Reluctant Mother Loses Some Tomatoes and Finds Inspiration

The other day, Mac and I trekked to the Safeway to get some tomatoes for a picnic this weekend. We landed in the very busy checkout area with 6 decent-looking large tomatoes, a head of lettuce and a cantaloupe. We were approached by an employee who suggested we use a self-checkout aisle. I admitted I had never used the self-checkout
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Freaky or Just A Freak?

Have you ever had a series of events happen in close succession that make you feel odd? I’m not talking about having mashed banana wedged in your bra and then getting all sweaty while trying to wrestle your kid into his winter jacket. . . Something that seems perhaps meaningful or significant but you can’t quite connect all the dots?
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Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned. . .Again

Or at least it looks bad. . .really bad. . . Husband is out-of-town for work. And because I’m the proud, well-documented lazy-ass mother of a 15 month-old, I decided I should invite my Mother to visit for a few days. Sunday evening after a wild day of birding (3 rarities – 1 of which was mega), while my Husband
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Shut Up Already! Sunday – Water Like Glass in Canton