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About A Pig. . .

This past weekend, we did a decent amount of birding. Ok.  Pretty much all we did was bird.   As usual, we pushed ourselves and our kid perhaps just a little too far. . . Sunday, after a full day of birding, we decided we just couldn’t help ourselves and wanted bird Patterson Park in the late afternoon. So we
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Reluctant Mother’s Culinary Give-A-Damn Has Apparently Left The Building

I don’t mind cooking but I’ve never LOVED it.  Over the years, I’ve become an acceptable cook.  However, if I’m rushed or busy, cooking is one thing that I’m willing to rapidly drop way down on my priority list. What parent isn’t hurried and busy? Couple this normally occurring chaos with an interesting fall bird migration heating up in our
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The Hot Mess Mom At The Park

Friday evening, Mac and I walked to the Park.  It’s getting darker earlier and I wanted to get some birding in before the light became poor.  We covered much of the park and returned to the Boat Lake to feed the ducks.  (Because I have apparently created a little quacking mallard loving monster). As we approached the Lake from a
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Shut Up Already! Sunday: Two Little Monkeys. . .and a Tree. . .Equals Eating Dirt and a Tantrum

Sigh.  It was adorable while it lasted. . . .

I’m Clearly Not Qualified To Toilet Train Our Son. . .The Deluxe Edition

Sunday we did a lot of birding.  In some really nasty hot humid weather.  And it involved hills.  2.8 miles of gawdforsaken wooded, root and rock plagued hills. . .but I’m not going to complain because I’m still lying to myself and think that with enough of these near-death marches, pushing a stroller, I’ll be able to bounce quarters off
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Shut Up Already! Sunday: Red Tailed Hawk

Patterson Park, Baltimore, MD. . .being harassed by two mockingbirds. . . And I really really really need some new photography gear.

Friday Funny: Bird Brained

I SWEAR we didn’t ask him to pose like this! We’ve created a monster haven’t we?  

Shut Up Already! Sunday. . .Stalking Terns (again) at Marshy Point

Shut Up Already! Sunday – Green Heron

Spotted at Patterson Park after a very rainy afternoon last week.  I heard they were around and finally spotted one doing some fishing. Took a walk early this morning at Cylburn Arboretum and was rewarded with a Ruby Throated Hummingbird.  Number 126 on Mac’s life list. Hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Friday Funny: There’s A What In Your Where?

The Scene:  Me, Chris, Mac birding Patterson Park (again) on a lovely Thursday evening.  The park is crawling with people.  Tons of Baltimore Sports and Social Club folks playing Bocce ball, kick ball, soft ball.  Some pick up soccer games.  All those ridiculous heathens kidnapping turtles and frogs out of the boat lake. Surprise!  The birding sucks. We approach the
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