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In Which Reluctant Mother Gets a Pap Test and New Binoculars

This post discusses some medical stuff.  It’s not graphic and is supposed to be funny but if you don’t care for that sort of thing or don’t like over-sharing, you might want to skip it.  🙂 As the title suggests, whew-wee busy weekend around here!  Good times. Friday morning I had another ultrasound and some more blood work.  Everything seemed
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Just Another Walk in the Park (Reluctant Mother Style)

We all know I adore Patterson Park.  I like to think of it as my gigantic backyard.  A backyard I never have to mow, weed, or otherwise maintain.  The playground is nice.  The birding is very respectable, especially for an urban environment.  During workday hours, the place feels nearly empty. . .but over the last 21 months of nearly daily
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