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NOT CHILD’S PLAY: Screwing With A Toddler’s Routine

So you know I’m FREAKING OUT about giving birth to this second kid. It’s not the actual – ohmahgawdI’mgivingbirth! part that’s freaking me out. . .Although I do find that process rather barbaric and not at all the beautiful miracle people gush about. . . It’s the TODDLER. See, the Toddler and I have a dirty little secret:  He’ll only
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When Nighttime Becomes A (Potential) Nightmare

I’ll admit it.  I never heard of something called “sleep regression” until I saw a few other Mothers Tweeting about it recently. That can’t be right, can it?  I thought a little smugly to myself. There’s no such thing as sleep regression. Maybe that’s just something people say when they can’t effectively get their kid to sleep? I hadn’t read
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