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My Darling Husband: Obnoxious Man-Child

BIG EXHALE! Ahhhh.  Monday. . . . I know the Internet is buzzing with messages by Monday haters. I used to be one of you.  I remember. . . Then I became a Stay At Home Mom. And weekends feel just like every other day.  .  .EXCEPT, on weekends, I also spend a considerable amount of time mediating conflicts between
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Reluctant Mother’s Ego Crushed Yet Again

When you are pregnant, or contemplating pregnancy, people who are already parents will blab on and on and on about the magnitude of love you will have for your children. It sounds all cupcakes and puppies and gag. But then you have a baby. Oh. My. God. That. (lopsided head, red, wrinkly, squinty-eyed) Beautiful. Creature. Bring on the cupcakes, puppies,
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