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Friday Funny: Holy #$%#%^ What IS THAT?!

The other day, I took Mac to the park and the playground.  It was a nice day and we had a good time.  On the way back, while I was waiting at the cross walk, I looked across the street and noticed something I hadn’t seen previously: Whoa. . .The most impressive painted window screen I’ve ever seen!  It’s awesome
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BREAKING! Men Caught Inappropriately Sharing Their Nuts

If you recall, a few weeks ago I had an unpleasant encounter with a squirrel in Patterson Park.  And a few days after that, I was actually physically accosted by one of those little bastards. It’s not something you can just shake off.  TRUST ME. I still feel my leg tingling where that fluffy-tailed little son of a bitch latched on.
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Freaky or Just A Freak?

Have you ever had a series of events happen in close succession that make you feel odd? I’m not talking about having mashed banana wedged in your bra and then getting all sweaty while trying to wrestle your kid into his winter jacket. . . Something that seems perhaps meaningful or significant but you can’t quite connect all the dots?
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Friday Funny: You Were Drunk Weren’t You?

How else do you explain this Jacked-Up Jack-O-Lantern? I suppose it’s possible the rats were nibbling at it. . .but I don’t see teeth marks. Or maybe you just wanted to make something so jacked up, the neighborhood kids wouldn’t be tempted to ruin it (even more) by smashing it on the sidewalk? I give you props though, you still
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Shut Up Already! Sunday

Turns out you don’t have to go too far from home to catch a beautiful sunset. Marshy Point Nature Center, Baltimore, MD. Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Funny: The Trials And Tribulations Of A Housewife

Seriously?  Get yo’ damned trash cans out of the alley. I try to pick my battles. . .But this annoys me to NO end!

Two Valuable Parenting Lessons, Reluctant Mother Style

You might recall in my last post, I decided to be somewhat uncharacteristically kind and non-judgmental of fellow Mother I encountered in the Park. Yeah.  That feeling was nice while it lasted. . . Yesterday, Mac and I took a long walk to Fells Point.  We hadn’t been to the area in a while and the weather was so nice,
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Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned. . .Again

Or at least it looks bad. . .really bad. . . Husband is out-of-town for work. And because I’m the proud, well-documented lazy-ass mother of a 15 month-old, I decided I should invite my Mother to visit for a few days. Sunday evening after a wild day of birding (3 rarities – 1 of which was mega), while my Husband
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Reluctant Mother v Husband: The Dish Drain

Years ago when we were doing some renovations to the house, there were certain things I requested. . . Some of my most ridiculous requests were actually granted:  Expensive towel warmer we never use. Some of my more practical requests were shot down:  Garbage disposal. Now, at the time, no one would give me a reason why I couldn’t have
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I’m Clearly Not Qualified To Toilet Train Our Son. . .The Deluxe Edition

Sunday we did a lot of birding.  In some really nasty hot humid weather.  And it involved hills.  2.8 miles of gawdforsaken wooded, root and rock plagued hills. . .but I’m not going to complain because I’m still lying to myself and think that with enough of these near-death marches, pushing a stroller, I’ll be able to bounce quarters off
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