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Friday Funny: Excuse Me?

The other day I was in the Park with Mac.  We were at the Boat Lake.  I was stalking a previously reported Gadwall.  Fortunately for me, there was another Mother and her son there feeding the ducks.  This was a good diversion for Mac while I screwed around examining all the ducks. The boy might have been three or four.
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I’m Clearly Not Qualified To Toilet Train Our Son. . .The Deluxe Edition

Sunday we did a lot of birding.  In some really nasty hot humid weather.  And it involved hills.  2.8 miles of gawdforsaken wooded, root and rock plagued hills. . .but I’m not going to complain because I’m still lying to myself and think that with enough of these near-death marches, pushing a stroller, I’ll be able to bounce quarters off
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Shut Up Already! Sunday. . .Stalking Terns (again) at Marshy Point

Shut Up Already! Sunday: Snowy Egret

Mac got his first Snowy Egret for his life list on his first birthday! Was certainly not expecting it at the Patterson Park Boat Lake but it was a great gift for both of us!

Shut Up Already! Sunday: Black Crowned Night Heron

This fellow had been giving me the slip for weeks at the Patterson Park Boat Lake.  Imagine my surprise when I peered over the small stone wall one morning and found him just a couple of feet away.  Now if only I can find that Least Bittern that’s been rumored to be lurking around. . .