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Stuff We Love: Thinkfun Move & Groove

GAH!  It’s WINTER. And I’m down. The days are short. . .but SO SO SO LONG. If you read regularly, you know I am an outdoors addict.  My favorite place is outside.  Simple as that. But when the wind chill is pushing sub-zero, I can’t with good conscience drag the kids into my outdoor euphoria. . . And some days
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RESOLUTIONS?! Laugh More in the New Year with Life Well Blogged

Hey, are you one of those assholes that still have enough hope and dignity left to actually believe you can change? Are you making RESOLUTIONS?! You’re making your list now aren’t you?  And Christmas is barely over!! While you’re seated at your computer with a cup of some herbal tea that tastes like dirty dishwater and a snack consisting of
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Something very exciting happened to me recently.  And not in the freaking debacle manner it usually does. . . I was published. In a book. I KNOW. I’m as shocked about it as anyone. . . The awesome ladies Monica & Abbey who compile the Life Well Blogged series asked me to contribute a story to their first edition entitled
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