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Friday Funny: Who Claims Responsibility For This Kid?

So I’m hoping this Kid just really loves whipped cream. . . Crazy kid.

Control Freak Mother Wrangles Out of Control Toddler

Yesterday evening, My Husband looked at me while wrangling Mac over the kitchen sink to wash his hands and said, “Have you noticed he’s becoming harder to control?” No.  No.  Not at all.  What would give you that impression? Harder to Control?! He’s becoming nearly impossible to control. In fact, he LOVES being completely OUT OF CONTROL. Nothing makes him
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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Annoying

They say toddlers are supposed to imitate things that adults do. They say it’s integral to their development. They let on like it’s adorable and wondrous. They are jerks. With the exception of the kid learning how to “phish in” birds, every other adult behavior he’s imitated annoys the shit out of me. It all started a few months back.
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