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Of SHIT, Preschoolers, and Electoral Politics

Weeewwww Nellieeeeeeee!!!! How about that election?  What a roller coaster! Anyone feel like somehow the great country of America just completely lost their shit?


But we haven’t lost our shit.

That’s good and bad news.

The shit is still here.  Lurking like a smuggled turd in my preschooler’s boxer briefs.  Lurking beneath the surface.  The proverbial shit is still here.  The racist shit.  The xenophobic shit.  The rape culture shit.  All the really horrible reeking shit is still here.

BREAKING:  It’s been here festering since our Founding Fathers.  Those really wise, forward-thinking white men who believed “all men were created equal”  – so long as they were men.  And white.  The same men who agonized about how to form a perfect union of states drafted a beautifully written Declaration of Independence, debated about how to protect the minority against the majority, and came up with an amazing idea called the electoral college (which I 100% support despite the outcomes with Gore and Hillary Clinton), also built their estates and this country on the backs of slave labor and indentured servitude.

That’s some seriously conflicting and confusing shit.

It’s so messed up and so shitty, we haven’t been able to reconcile it in over 200 YEARS!


Today I watched my white children crazy-run-play on a playground with African-American children, Latino/a children, and Asian-American children.  They were having a blast.  They didn’t know one another prior to meeting at the playground.  They ranged in age from barely 2 to 7.

The older kids decided my 3 yo Teddy was the “Monster” and kept calling him that. He kept chase, but at one point he said to me as I was spotting him on some equipment, that his feelings were hurt by being called the monster, I called out to the other kids, “Teddy doesn’t like being a monster!  Can he be a dragon?  What ideas do you have?”

Immediately, the entire kid crowd erupted, “He’s a dinosaur!”

Teddy’s eyes light up.  He growled and he began to scale the playground equipment with increased vigor and joy.  The kids called out all the different names of their favorite dinosaurs while happily running around the playground.

With young kids it’s as easy as changing a benign label because they live in the moment.  They are not burdened with the shit adults worry about.  They are not burdened by identifying their differences, they easily unite and work toward a common goal.


Consider your adult self schooled.  Let’s work to emphasize our similarities and discuss and show compassion for our differences.  Let’s be smart with the media we watch.  Let’s think critically.  Let’s strive to know more.  Be better.  We are all in this together – and there is no road back!