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Taking the Kids to See A Pair of Brown Boobies. . .

I can’t believe people still check my blog daily! THANK YOU!!!!  THANK YOU!!

Anyway, we’re plugging along and Mac’s in preK 4 a couple of hours several days a week and Teddy attends a 2-year-old program once a week.  He’s like the damned mayor of that place. . .all “Hey, Ms. Cetta.”  It’s disgustingly adorable.  (Her name is Concetta but he’s already tailored it to serve his adorable “customized” salutation.)

I digress.  This is, (as usual) a post about MAC.

So a few weeks ago, the Baltimore birding community was all ahem a-twitter because a pair of brown boobies were just hanging out in the Inner Harbor.  Yeah.

Now if you’re not impressed by a pair of brown boobies in Baltimore because say, you have a life, I’ll elaborate:  These birds are tropical.  And mostly sea-faring.  They are seldom ever located this far north.  And in the middle of such a densely populated area no less!

These birds were remarkably predictable.  They were almost always in the same spot All.  Day.  Long.  And?  The spot was accessible via Water Taxi.  The damned boats paraded practically under them also All.  Day.  Long.

Despite the fact that the birds were so accessible, we still had some logistical issues to iron out regarding how we were going to get to them.  I was pretty sure I could pick out the birds from the shore near our home, but rare was they are, I wasn’t satisfied.

I wanted a front row seat in the Water Taxi.

Seems so did my Husband.

But he’s got this thing, this work arrangement where he gets to exercise on their time and dime several times a week so it really limited our ability to just jump on a water taxi when he arrived home from work.  And yes, occasionally  I acknowledge my own limits, and two under 5 plus a stroller on a boat with what I’d imagine is a life-vests nightmare while I try to oogle “lifer” birds clumsily with binoculars . .no.  Just no.

Plus, I wanted Chris to see the birds too.

So every day before school, I’d parade the kids down to the water to check on the boobies.  I’d feed them junky fruit snacks to keep them pacified while I strained my eyes, searching for the birds.

“Yes!  They’re still here!” I’d announce excitedly.  “The brown boobies are still here!”

While Mac was at school, I’d obsessively monitor the rare bird alerts to make sure they were still present.  I’d look at the beautiful Flickr stream photos hoping the birds hung around until we could catch a Water Taxi.

Over dinner Chris would inquire about the status of the boobies.

This went on for days.

There was a LOT of talk about a pair of boobies.  Brown boobies.

Finally, one evening after work, we decided we had just enough time to make one round trip on the Water Taxi to Tide Point and grab some kind of carry out on the walk home for dinner.

I’ve never seen anything like it.  The Water Taxi was full of “normal” commuters and boobie-crazed individuals armed with an insane array of optics and cameras.  The Captain helped me with the stroller while the Mate groaned at the sight of my binoculars (and maybe our children, who were excitedly yapping about boobies on a boat).

Long story long we got the boobies.  Both trips pretty satisfying looks.  The kids were pretty well-behaved although I did have to whip out lollipops on the return trip.  And I’m pretty sure Tide Point will never be the same after their visit. . .

Yeah us!

As you would expect, there was more boobie talk following out adventure.  Both kids were pretty jazzed about the whole deal.

And the next day, while walking home from dropping Mac off at school, I had a minor moment of terror:  Mac is going to go into school yapping on and on about how he saw a pair of brown boobies.  That sounds AWFUL!  It’s definitely open to a lot of misinterpretation.  AAHHHHHH!!!

Shaking my head at the absurdity of the entire situation I pull out my cell phone and text Ms. Laurie:

“If Mac is yapping on about a pair of brown boobies, he’s talking about a couple of rare birds that showed up at the Canton Waterfront a few days ago.  We’re weird, but not age inappropriate weird.”

Sounds about right. . .

Here’s a nice article in the Baltimore Sun about the birds.  

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  1. ayanti says:

    I knew which way the blog post was headed when I saw the title. Can’t help it..puerile mind methinks. But I love that your kids have caught onto your enthusiasm for birds and nature from this age. Really commendable. We see some peacocks from our balcony and a rabbit which dashes into the bushes like a blur but not too many options wrt birds.

    Happy Birding!
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