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Reluctant Mother Attempts #Happylifetweaks

So, it’s frequently cold and dark in these parts this time of year.  Whether you have children or not, the weather might leave you feeling a little glum.

I’m certainly hearing from several of my “mom friends” that the winter is starting to wear on them mentally, emotionally. . .parenting feels harder. . .motivation is lacking. . .chores feel wretched. . .there may or may not be increased eating, screen time, and sofa sitting inertia. . .a feeling of isolation grows. . .

I’m a little guilty of the same thing.  Although, I typically rally, because otherwise these little monkeys will DESTROY the house and possibly each other if we just stay indoors for (a DAY!) days on end.  Plus, you know my happy place is OUTSIDE.  


I can usually pull it together for a frigid, slippery-muddy adventure SOMEWHERE. . .Most days.


However, I started thinking about what my friends were feeling.

And because this blog always circles back to ME:

Maybe I was feeling it too but my way of coping with it was just to keep myself continually packing up gear and snacks and laundering muddy snow pants?

Of course, I have very little time for self-reflection. . .

Two drinks later. . .


I’m pretty damned satisfied and happy no matter the season. . .Even if there is an enormous booger eternally chemically bonded to the stainless front of my dishwasher and urine of unknown origin on my living room floor. . .Being with my kids seems to make me feel fulfilled.  Very happy. . .Very vibrant and ALIVE.  I’m very fortunate.  VERY.

Three drinks. . .

What if I’m not as happy as I COULD be?  I mean, I do raise my voice at least 3 err 30 times a day.  I am anxious and perhaps over-bearing when we need to get out of the house at a certain time.  My appearance efforts are, well, LACKING.  

Deni:  What about those fleeting moments when you feel resentful of doing the same old thankless chores?  What about that itch you feel to write or create sometimes?  What about the texture of the skin on your neck?  WHAT ABOUT THAT?!

What would you change, if you could?  What would make you even more content?  Settled?  Present?  Healthy?  Aware?  A better parent?  A better member of the community?  Less of a cat hair covered, sweaty, constantly fleece lined running tights wearing eyesore?

What would I do if I had just a little more time? Or better focus.  What?!

So I started a list.

Some of it is as simple as finding just one all-purpose perfectly flattering shade of lipstick (haven’t purchased lipstick since early 2011). . .Some of it involves learning how to use a few power tools. . .More waterpiking, better posture. . .more awareness and gratitude. . .Better birding by ear (because Mac is CRUSHING me on Daddy’s Bird Quizzes).  The list, like me, is all over the place.

I revisited the list several days later.  I realized none of the items were ridiculously insurmountable goals (like lose 100 pounds or run a marathon).  They were merely “tweaks” – little things I could do to make my daily life easier, even more enjoyable, healthier, happier for my kids. . .better for my community.

Because it’s the little things, right?

I’ll be sharing my first life tweak post soon.  I’m hoping you’ll follow along because you KNOW hilarity is going to ensue at some (or every) point.

ALSO because I’m hoping to learn something from you too!

If you have any of your own life tweaks to share be sure to hashtag #Happylifetweaks on Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s see where this goes. . .Reluctant Mama’s on a mission!

2 Responses to “Reluctant Mother Attempts #Happylifetweaks”

  1. ayanti says:

    I SO SO agree with you Deni. Most of us do need some time to reflect and usually end up identifying some lifetweaks that are required rather than a total and major overhaul of the way we’re living. That’s why when the brat goes to 1st grade this year, I won’t run off to rejoin the work force or look at how I can regain all the lost earnings (I go on a rant at times, in my head) et al.

    I want to think, reflect and maybe just do some chores in an unhurried fashion and then decide. That’s what’s been of the essence in the last 5+ years…not having the time to decide, when I wanted or needed it.

    And honestly, I love spending time with my son. Provided I don’t have to be minding him. I’d rather see him interact with others, how he plays, what he says and does. That seems to be the tough thing to manage when we’re at the playground 🙁

    Good luck to you, as always!
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    • admin says:

      I want to HUG you!! (Mostly because you’ve managed to survive to nearly first grade!?) FIRST GRADE? Already?! Good Luck to you too! Show me what you’ve got. . .use the hashtag on Twitter.