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Another Dirty Little Parenting Secret. . .

It’s time for me to reveal yet another dirty little parenting secret:  I’ve been co-sleeping.  With Teddy.  A. LOT.

Pretty much part of every night.


Or I don’t know?

I’m not sure what to make of it?

With Mac we were SO determined to keep him out of our bed, I spent countless nights on his bedroom floor.  Some nights I spent hours pacing with him.  . .even playing with him if he wasn’t tired or uncomfortable while teething.

Because I could.

But with Teddy I can’t.

I need a solid 5 or 6 hours of sleep to function.  I can’t nap while Teddy does because duh, Mac needs me to make eyes for the 127 Play Doh snakes he rolls every afternoon.  I can’t allow Teddy to cry in his crib and I can’t effectively spend the night on his floor BECAUSE he’s in the same room as Mac!

So usually, about the third time Teddy freaks out in his crib, I just put him in bed with me (or Chris and me).  Teddy usually settles and we all get some much needed rest.  Maybe not Chris so much but we do have a spare bedroom where some of us can escape if necessary.

It’s a workable solution.  For now.

But I’m worried about what kind of pattern I’m establishing?  Will Teddy ever sleep alone?  Will he ever learn to self soothe?

Does it really matter that much?  I mean NO ONE sleeps with their parents forever.

Right?  No one sleeps with their parents forever?

If Chris and I are okay with this arrangement is that all that matters – sleep experts be damned?

I feel like that’s a decent-enough answer.  

But there’s more:  GUILT.

I feel a tad bit guilty Teddy essentially gets a “pass” to sleep with us because of the circumstances while poor Mac had to tough it out on long nights when he wasn’t sleeping well.

I tell myself Mac didn’t tough it out alone crying.  I was still right there with him.  But perhaps it would have been easier on Mac had I just put him in our bed?

Every kid is different.  Get over it, Deni.

I’m trying.

I don’t have all the answers, but I know this much:  There are a LOT of different ways to effectively raise wonderful children.  Kids, by and large, turn out just fine, regardless of what the experts say and minor mistakes parents might make. . .

And I’m just so exhausted. .  .And apparently in good company. . .

Chris and I laughed and laughed over this AGAIN.






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  1. Meredith says:

    I also had to employ the cosleep method with my daughter because I returned to work, full time, after 3 months and I need more sleep than you to function properly. It got me the sleep I needed, but three years later we’re having a hard time breaking the cycle. Hit me up when you figure out how to get him in his own bed for the entire night; I’ll probably still be working on it! 😉