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Friday Funny: Toddler’s First Insult

If you’re on Twitter, you might have already seem similar content. . .

However, the occasion was so important I wanted to make sure I properly recorded it:  MAC DOLED OUT HIS FIRST INSULT!!!

The target?

Mommy.  Of course.


Notice the coat I’m wearing in this photo.  I REALLY like this coat.  It’s super warm, it fits well, it’s not too sporty or too fancy so it’s versatile,  and I got a great deal.

I will mention the color, while beautiful, is probably not the best option for a person with two children who routinely poop their pants. . .

Anyway, it’s machine washable.

The coat is pretty new. So I still get that rush of joy and satisfaction every time I put it on.

Yeah!  Coat!  I love how warm and toasty I’m going to be while screaming at my kids to keep it moving during the six block walk to church!  Yeah!

Kids are very perceptive you know.  And I’d be willing to wager that Mac somehow picked up on my silent satisfaction with this coat, because a few days ago as I was zipping it up, I noticed he was watching me intently.

“Hi!” I said smiling at him (but mostly because I was thrilled to be zipping up my coveted coat).

He squinted at me.


Mac:  “Mommy looks like AN INSULATED PIPE!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Kids ruin every effing thing.