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Friday Funny: The Happy New Year Edition

Somehow I find myself awake, alone and without any pressing chores this morning.  That hasn’t happened since before Teddy was born over a year ago.

Teddy.  He’s a willful little creature.  And not a stellar sleeper.  For all the complaining I did about Mac’s sleeping, I realize now he was really a rock star compared to most children.

I was laughing with my Husband the other day about how annoyed I used to get if Mac only napped for three hours instead of four.  I’m lucky to get Teddy to nap for an hour.  I guess perception matters.

Teddy:  Today at 4:47AM

Teddy: Today at 4:47AM

Anyway, I’m hoping I have time right now to bang out a few blog posts.  I have mountains of ideas scribbled in a journal.  While I collect my thoughts, how ’bout I leave you with a video?

A VIDEO THAT I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIGURE OUT HOW TO EMBED OR LINK.  Seriously, I’ve been trying for at least 30 minutes.  I’m no technical genius but I typically know how to perform this function. . .

EFF me. . .

You might have seen it already because it’s been around a while, but it’s damn funny and worth a look.  I’m fairly confident one of the two provided links will work:  


What else do you have to do anyway?  Get to work on some stupid resolutions or something?

For an added Friday Funny, the other day I happened to notice the top searches that lead people to this blog.  Thank you very much WordPress.  Are you ready?

1.  Deni Lyn Miller

2.  Pregnant Woman Explodes

3.  Whatever, can we just stop talking and fuck?

You are a wonderfully disturbed bunch!  Happy New Year & Much Love!