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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Stuffed Peppers

So I’ve got some first world problems keepin’ me down this week. . .

First, that teensy mole on my foot from a few months ago?  Abnormal.  And the Doc is quite keen to eradicate it at ANY cost.  So I find myself with a dime-sized hunk of toe missing and in nearly unbearable pain.  (Says the stupid chick that ended up giving birth without medication).  Yes. So. Bad.


And my oven’s NOT working.  It’s a long story but it seemed “off.”  So we had it serviced.  After that, the oven stopped being a little “off.”  It actually stopped working ENTIRELY!  Sonsabitches.

Fortunately, before the oven stopped functioning, I pulled together this pretty tasty dinner. . .we HAD to eat all those CSA green peppers somehow. . .

1.  Brown some Italian sausage in a pan on the stove with some olive oil.  I removed the casings first.

2.  Once the sausage is cooked, add a big can of diced tomatoes and simmer.

3.  Meanwhile cut the tops off 4 green bell peppers and remove the seedy stuff.

4.  Plunge the peppers into a pot of boiling water for 5-7 minutes.  (You can vary that time. . .We don’t care for smooshy veggies).

5.  While the peppers boil, add cannelloni beans to the sausage and tomato pan.  (I soak my beans the night before and simmer them until soft before using).  Use a spoon to smoosh some beans so the mixture thickens and becomes more creamy.  (but don’s smoosh all the beans. . .texture).

6.  Pull the peppers and allow to cool a bit and drain.

7.  Prep a baking dish suitable for an oven pre-heated to about 375-400 degrees.

8.  Place the peppers open end up in the dish.  Spoon in the bean/tomato/sausage mixture. . .filling each pepper.

9.  Top each pepper with shredded part skim mozzarella cheese.  Cover completely.  Bake until peppers reach desired softness.

10.  Uncover dish, bake a bit longer so everything gets the slightest bit melty/charred brown and crisp.

11.   Serve with some pasta and a salad.

This worked really well for the entire family.  I even took some of the pepper filling and pasta and smooshed it with a fork so Teddy could try it too.  He loved it!