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The Dark Side. . .

After great reluctance and with much trepidation, I’ve done it.


So yeah.

Currently I’m just dumping my entire Twitter feed into it.

But I have a plan.

The plan is:  I have no damned plan!  

I’m working on a plan. . .

You want to help me with it?

Have any thoughts?

My initial though was Facebook would be more of our daily life stuff.  Twitter for the promised perpetual insanity.  Blog will continue to be its erratic self. . .

Eh?  Thoughts?

You can find me on Twitter @homeeckwreck


How do you find someone on Facebook?

I’m Deni Lyn Miller 

2 Responses to “The Dark Side. . .”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I sent you a friend request on FB so if you are wondering who Jennifer Randall Thoreson is, it’s the Purplepincushion person 🙂
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