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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Get Off Your Butt and Get Your Butter On

Ahhhhnnnddddd here I am phoning in a lame post on a Monday.

My sincerest apologies.

Pretty sure today is going to involve my toilet training toddler refusing to poop in the potty so. . .

Yeah. . .

Distracted. . . and seriously second-guessing that law degree. .

Anyway, summer is getting into full swing in these parts and we’ve got CSA farm shares rolling in every Friday.  Plus, I planted some stuff in containers in our yard and it’s still alive!

I planted some basil and some dill.

These two plants are pretty hearty and seem to be thriving despite my intervention, much like my children. . .

What the hell do you do with it all?

The dog won’t stop eating it.

Every year, I have fantastic visions of pesto and strawberry basil jam.  Every year, I fail.

BUT this year, because I vowed not to waste any of our CSA share, I find myself a little more informed regarding food preservation techniques.

They always seemed so intimidating to me.  I had visions of a massive tomato cooking and canning operation.

But it’s WAY easier than that when you let the freezer do the work.

One of the ways I’m preserving the herbs I’m growing in small batches is compound butter.

1.  Let a couple sticks of butter soften.

2.  Pick, wash, pat dry, and chop fresh herbs.

3.  Mix with butter.

4.  Place mixture on a hunk of plastic wrap, roll into a cylindrical shape, wrap tightly and place in freezer.

5.  Once frozen, remove plastic wrap and cut into serving sized disks.  Place in a freezer bag and keep frozen.

These little disks can make almost any dish special:  Meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, rice. . .

And so easy!

Grab a portion out of the freezer and melt.

And the sky is the limit with regard to the seasoning combinations.

Currently, I’m rocking dill/crushed red pepper (for fish and potatoes), basil/crushed red pepper (for pasta and chicken), basil (for Mac’s everything), cinnamon & sugar (for cookie toast and waffles). . .

I have green onions from the CSA share that I’ll finely chop and add to butter. . .and I’ll see how the CSA raw radishes might freeze in butter (I LOVE butter with little radishes!)  I’m also thinking about a basil/Old Bay butter especially for corn and tomatoes. . .

You could easily do the same with parsley, chives, cilantro, rosemary, lavender. . .

Get your butter on!