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And Then The Man Brings The Waffles. . .

I’ve been MIA again.  Sigh.

I’m afraid this might be more the norm as summer gets rolling.

May is flying by and it’s always such a busy month.  I’m scrambling to get cards mailed, parties planned, the yard and house in good order for the summer.

You know how we like to visit the Hyatt in Cambridge, Maryland?  We like to visit because the resort is family friendly, it’s an easy drive from our house, and there’s a great national wildlife refuge in close proximity (Blackwater).

Anyway, we were there in March and ever since then, Mac would NOT shut up about the place.  He LOVES IT!

“Mackin-lin uses a card to get in the room.  1202.  . .Mac does awesome using card!”

So we decided as part of his birthday gift, we’d take him back.  His birthday isn’t for a few more weeks but since our calendar was filling up fast, we made a hasty getaway to Cambridge late last week.

It is hell getting two children to sleep at the same time in the same room, but otherwise the trip was great.

Teddy got his first swim on. . .

Teddle Swim

Mac, of course, is a pro. . .

hyatt swim

We took a hike. . .


Mac was in heaven.  The first morning we awoke and he hopped out of bed and said, “Then we sit quietly on the couch and there’s a knock at the door, and the man brings the waffles.”

Um.  Room Service much, kid?

I’ll be back soon with more inspired bitchiness and other goodies.  For now, I have to get some plants in their pots before Mac gets awake.  We had a wicked fight over the garden hose a few days ago and I just can’t go there again today. . .