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Friday Funny: If You Have A Phone, You Have A Lawyer

So the other evening I was getting stuff ready for dinner.  And frequently when I make dinner, I turn on the TV or NPR to at least hear the day’s headlines so I’m not completely clueless.

As I was wrapping up getting dinner on the table, a commercial came on for a local law firm.

You know the kind of commercial I’m talking about?  It centers around a particular kind of litigation. . .asbestos, injuries related to certain pharmaceuticals. . .It typically ends with a line something to the effect of “if you have a phone, you have a lawyer.”

This particular ad involved BIRTH INJURY.

Chris:  “Birth injury, huh.”

Me:  Slings meatloaf onto Mac’s plate.

Mac:  (Pokes finger in the meatloaf) “Meat loaf, Beat loaf. . .” (Licks ketchup off finger).

Chris:  “Maybe you should call them.”

Me:  “Why on earth would I call them?”

Chris:  “Well, birth injury.  You know.  I mean I’ve seen the aftermath of your giving birth twice.  Maybe you could cash in.  I’ve seen what it’s like down there.”

Me:  Turning around from the sink to face him.  “You do realize they mean injury TO THE CHILD?!”

Chris:  “Oh. . .This is going on your blog isn’t it?”


 *Please know we understand birth injury is serious.  I am not mocking birth injury.  I’m mocking my Husband. . . as usual.

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  1. sarcasmica says:

    ya gotta love ’em , right? …. contractual obligation and all.
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