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Apologies To My “Starter Kid”

People keep asking so I’ll tell. . .


Not that Teddy isn’t just as amazing as Mac.

He is.

Not that there isn’t a ton of extra gear, and laundry, and planning. . .

There is.  

Not that there probably won’t be some stupid-ass double wide stroller taking up precious real estate in our living room 80% of the time come spring. . .

There likely will be.

BUT by and large, having a second baby is cake.  Easy.  Delightful.  Yummy cake.

I don’t have to debate myself and my Husband or anyone else about every move I make with this kid.  I know what’s up.

He’s riding around in a Snuggie Wrap for 12 hours straight, growling and drooling like a rabid dog?  Teeth.

He’s giving me that blank stare?  Overstimulated.

He’s jerking his head back and forth violently?  Nope not an ear infection. He’s fighting sleep.

Babies need to be cuddled, kept dry, and fed.  That’s pretty much it.

Of course, like most first time mothers, that didn’t stop me from second guessing every move I made with the first one.

And you know what?  I’M STILL DOING IT!  The first baby. . .my “Starter Kid,” Mackinley is STILL the greater challenge.  . .

And not just because he’s a bed-escaping at all hours, fit-throwing, willful, stubborn little terror of a toddler. . .


Am I using time out correctly?  How do I answer that question?  Do I really care if he wants to negotiate for four animal crackers instead of two?  Why won’t he listen?!  Is he getting enough calcium?  How do I get him to stay in his bed?  What’s up with all the penis talk?  Should I be concerned he still doesn’t really give a damn about playing with other children?  Why does it feel like I spend all day doling out bribes and threats?  What’s that red spot on his leg?  What about preschool?

When I see Teddy already wrangling his bottle to help feed himself while I turn my attention once again to Mac, sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt.  He’ll never really have my undivided attention.  His milestones aren’t acknowledged or celebrated the same way Mac’s were.  He doesn’t have a set schedule.  He’s frequently at risk of being startled awake by a crazed toddler waving something inches from his face. . .

But the more I think about it, Teddy might actually be the LUCKIER of the two.  My mistakes, my errors in judgment, my frustration, my cluelessness. . .Mac bears the brunt of it all.

And because he’s the “starter kid,” he always will.

And for that I do sincerely apologize.

Although, if I catch that little bastard drinking from the dog dish again, HE is going to be the one who is truly SORRY!

The kids are alright. . .

The kids are alright. . .


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