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Ahhhh-n-d You’ll Go Down In PISS-TOR-REEEE!!!!

Listen, I get I’m posting some meh content here laterly.  I’m hanging on barely in real life.  But I’ll get my act together very soon and swear I’ll be banging out posts so long you won’t read them.  SWEAR.


Cute kid-story FLUFF.

So, before Mac turned into Typhoid Mary and we had to quarantine him, we were working on “patience.”

Both mine and his.

Some of the ways I suggested we practice our patience included singing songs or saying rhymes. . .Or doing little finger play activities. . .

Anyway, one of the songs I recently started singing with Mac is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

I wasn’t entirely shocked to hear him running around happily screaming:  “Pisssssssssss-toooooo-rrrrreeeeeeee!!”

A mispronunciation of “history.”  Obviously.

As in:  “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, you’ll go down in Hisssssssstooooooorrrrreeeeeee!”

That’s pretty funny, Deni.  You should write that one down.  

I tried not to make a to-do about it though since ultimately I want him to properly pronounce things.  So every time he’d scream “piss-tor-eeee,” I’d just happily sing-songily say “history.”

He’d kinda’ pause for a moment, looking at me quizzically.

Something clearly seemed off to him but he didn’t make a fuss.  I, of course, assumed he wanted me to break out in a full on, horribly sung rendition of Rudolph complete with crappy choreography.

This went on for several days.  . .

Then one evening I overheard Chris say to Mac, “Daddy might have to make PEE STREAM.”

PEEEEEEE-SSSSSS-TOOOOOOO-REEEEEEEM!!!! Mac laughed hysterically.


Pee stream. . .

That’s.  Just.  Marvelous.