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I Have Zero Holiday Cheer and It’s NOT FUNNY You Assholes

Oh Hi. . .Looks at shoes.

I realize it’s been a long time.  AND I have so much to share!

Unfortunately, it won’t be in today’s post.

Today the baby won’t shut it:


And the toddler is STILL CONTAGIOUS with some sort of hand foot and mouth plague I never even knew existed until he contracted it ALMOST TWO WEEKS AGO:

Sicko 1

And my Husband?


Apparently HAD to get back to work because ahem, that’s “HOW WE MAKE MONEY TO LIVE!”  So now I have to shut my Mother-in-Law in our basement with our infant for nearly 12 hours a day like some kind of inhumane jerk because the infant can’t be in contact with the toddler.

And we have NO holiday cheer – the tree is unfinished.  There are no cards.  There was no visit to Santa or other holiday haunts. . .because with a highly contagious toddler, all I’ve done for a week is decontaminate every household surface and run laundry NON-STOP:

Eye rolling

But that’s not why you visit this little corner of the interwebs right?


You want incompetence, irrelevance, and profanity-laced bullshit. . .

And maybe incontinence too. . .

Here’s to hoping I can deliver.  Routinely.  SOON!  Husband is headed back to work.  Hopefully, the toddler stops being all Ebola on us ASAP and I can get us back to our regularly scheduled snark. . .

Fingers crossed.



6 Responses to “I Have Zero Holiday Cheer and It’s NOT FUNNY You Assholes”

  1. Meghan says:

    Oh how I’ve missed your witty and blunt post, Den. Busy with Avery, holidays, and work. Glad I popped by though – your little one is a doll. I’m sure thats the last thing you’re thinking tho, right? Sending you some patience, a smile, a hug, and and elf to finish your holiday to do list (i wish!)… xoxo Meg and Avery

    • admin says:

      Thank you! Of course things have been hectic on my end too but I read everything you post via email. I am thrilled you and Avery are doing so well. Your apartment looks really great and I’m so inspired by your commitment to running. Ahhhhhnddd that would be the baby crying. . .Hope you had great holidays. Love, Deni

  2. Daisy Broomfield says:

    Loving the “I rule!” shot at the top. In fact, not wanting to sound unsympathetic but all your pics made me smile. Hope Mac recovers asap and you all get a bit of Christmas cheer. x

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Merry ho ho. I’ll think of you when I’m having my irish coffee Christmas morning. Your Mom & I will have one for ya!!!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      I hope you enjoyed your coffee AND your holidays! Kids ruin everything. hahaha. Got your card. It’s wonderful. I’ll be sure to send proper thanks soon. THANK YOU! XO