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If You’re Reading This, I’m STILL (Multiple) Expletive Pregnant

Although, due date is still a couple days away. . .and we all know that’s just a good guess.

I would really, really like to avoid an induction if possible after my prior experience with that stupid process.

However, at the last Doctor’s visit, this Doc hinted I could likely go as long as 42 weeks if we stayed healthy.

I cannot get my head around 42 weeks.  That’s ridiculous.  I was okay with 41 but 42 sounds DOWNRIGHT SUCKY.

This kid is getting big.  I can make out body parts as he pokes around in there!  I’m quite certain any minute now, he’s going to jam out a fist and ask for a bottle.

To make matters worse, all I want is SUGAR.  It’s all I can do to avoid eating straight up sugar, nasty refined sugar, out of the canister with a spoon.  If we go to 42 weeks, this baby is going to be the size of our two year old!

Anyway, the fridge is stocked with food.

The house is in relatively decent order.

The older kid has been prepped on what will likely happen.

And I’m trying to waddle around being all happy pregnant and not peeing in my pants.

I keep reminding myself this could very likely be the last time I’m pregnant. . .

That it’s special and I should try to commit these moments to memory. . .

That these are Mac’s last days as an “only child” and we should make the best of them. . .

That I should make a post pregnancy diet and exercise plan. . .

So far all I have is this:



2 Responses to “If You’re Reading This, I’m STILL (Multiple) Expletive Pregnant”

  1. Rick says:

    I think it says in the book of Genesis that because Eve picked the forbidden fruit and gave it to Adam, one of her curses was the pain of labor while giving birth. And then I guess the Lord, in his infinite wisdom, decided to throw in a more modern day curse. Just about the time a woman would love to belt down a couple, he gave a prophetic message to all doctors: Thou shalt not partake of an alcoholic beverage during pregnancy and while breast feeding. Boy, God really took it personally when you women screwed up, didn’t he.