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Cookie Toast: For When Good Eaters Go Bad

I’d like to tell you I’ve been away doing fabulous things.  But mostly I’m waddling around aimlessly wishing this baby would GET OUT already.  I know I should be careful what I wish for, but I’m WAY over being pregnant.

Meanwhile, adorable Big Brother has been keeping me busy.  He’s getting so big and changing so FAST.  In just the past few weeks, he seems to have grown by leaps and bounds.  He seems more consistently reasonable somehow – less prone to tantrums.  He needs less sleep.  He’s better able to follow directions.

BUT. . .

His eating habits had kinda’ gone to hell.

I’ll admit, this was as much my fault as it was his.

At some point in the summer, I guess I got a little lazy.  In the midst of the heat and humidity and hurry and exhaustion, I started getting a little cavalier with the snacks.  Perhaps even using cookies as currency on occasion. . .allowing him to “skip” breakfast. . .caving to demands for a breakfast of chocolate milk topped with whipped cream 3 or 4 times a week. . .GASP.

Then we had a couple of episodes in a matter of weeks that made me worry perhaps he had IBS or a weird gluten allergy or some other trendy digestive problem, as discussed in yogurt advertisements, of course.

I fretted.  Silently at first.  I mean, I never wanted to be one of those people obsessed with their kid’s pooping habits. . .but my own hypochondria was getting the best of me.  What if his bowel was impacted?  What if he needed a colonoscopy?  How could I effectively toilet train an intermittently constipated and well, definitely not constipated toddler?  Should I call the doctor?  Force feed him raisins?  What?!

Then one day I confessed my fears to Chris.  Chris of course, believed I was over-reacting.  “You’re going to give him a complex.  Knock it off.  All kids get constipated because they don’t eat right or drink enough water.  He probably had some diarrhea because he drank a bunch of water from the kiddie pool.  You’re going to give him Munchausen by proxy syndrome!”

But I couldn’t stop.  Every morning I’d wake up wondering if today would be a poop day?  What if he was giving himself hemorrhoids?!  The only think keeping me off WebMD was the fact that I was too damned busy giving in to Mac’s demands for graham crackers to actually get on the Internet.

Wait.  Graham crackers.  How many of these things does this kid actually eat in a day?

The unscientific answer:  A shitload.  A constipating shitload.

Perhaps I should take a closer look at what this kid was actually eating?

Sure, I offered lots of healthful options.  But at some point, he stopped eating nearly all of them.  He was filling up on less healthful snacks while we were out on our adventures.  And he was going through a phase where he was boycotting nearly every vegetable offered, no matter how prepared.  Plus, he was sucking down milk like crazy.  Probably way too much milk and not nearly enough water.  But I was so worried about keeping him hydrated in the summer heat, I was happy he was just drinking something.

Mommy needed to get her previously good eater back on track.

But you can’t just give a two-year old a plate of romaine lettuce topped with prunes and wait for the old intestines to get themselves out of a bunch.

I was going to have to be SNEAKY.

I knew vegetables were still not attractive to him.  And while I toyed with the idea of attempting to “hide” them in other foods, I didn’t care for it.  I want him to develop a taste for actual whole vegetables.  He used to eat them.  His boycott is just a phase so I figured I’d just try to work around it for now.

He clearly needed fiber.  So I started pushing fruit.  HARD.  Sure, some days he’d willingly eat nearly a whole cantaloupe but not consistently.  I purchased different varieties of grapes and apples until I figured out what kind he loved:  The $2.50+/lb Honeycrisp apple.  Well played kid.  Well played.  

Then I milked those expensive bitches for all they were worth. . .baked with cinnamon, raw with cheese, raw with peanuts or other nut butters.  In salads.  When we were out, and he asked for a graham cracker, I always offered banana or apple slices first.  And he’d almost always agreed, often eating an entire apple AND banana at a clip.

Since he was snacking on apples and bananas, I started offering previously “rejected” fruits for meals:  berries (he still doesn’t love), pineapples (they are growing on him), melons (ok), kiwi (big no).  Now we were getting somewhere.

I still offer a variety of vegetables at every meal but aside from the occasional corn, carrot or cucumber, he’s not exactly digging it.  Still, I offer them.  He’ll get it soon enough.

Water.  I needed this kid to get more water.  We don’t offer juice, so up until now, his drink options were milk and water.  Then one day, I decided to offer him some “lemonade.”  The only lemonade I had was the Crystal Light kind.  (Full of artificial sweeteners) but I was just curious if he’d like the taste.  He did.  So I’m working on weaning him off the artificial lemonade and onto water spiked with lemon slices.  It’s working.  He’s drinking way more water and way less milk.  (Not bad for the wallet either since he was guzzling in excess of 2 gallons of organic milk a week in the summer).

Beans.  Mac used to eat beans all the time.  Then I guess he decided they weren’t cool. Or he was bored and just decided to screw with me.  So I’m about to wage an epic bean campaign.  I have a multi-progned attack that includes nachos and tacos with the fixins’, scrambled eggs with beans, and the re-launching of his previously beloved hummus.  If you have other ideas, please share.  We eat a lot of beans and it would be great if I can get him back on the program.

I also wanted to make sure he was getting enough whole grain.  We always use whole wheat pastas, brown rice, and whole wheat breads; however, he often ignored these things at meal time.

I suppose because he was too full from snacks?  Since I started a snacking smack-down, he started consistently requesting breakfast.  Funny how that worked.

BUT often he was still demanding chocolate milk or a cookie.

And that’s when I came up with my two most effective deceptions yet:  Cookie Toast & Elvis Toast

Cookie Toast:  Toast whole wheat bread.  Lightly butter and sprinkle with a few pinches of cinnamon and sugar.  Tastes almost JUST like a sugar cookie.  Mommy’s happy.  Kid’s happy.

Elvis Toast:  On a weekend morning make a huge batch of french toast from whole wheat bread.  Freeze any left overs.  Reheat in a skillet on the stove (straight from the freezer) and top with a little peanut butter and banana slices.

Kid Approved:  Cookie Toast

Kid Approved: Cookie Toast

Most mornings I can get at least one piece of toast in him – often two, plus Cheerios and some fruit.  (Yes, he hates oatmeal and all variety of yogurt still.  I think it’s a texture issue).

We’ve been on my sneaky fiber plan for a couple of weeks now.  Yes, it takes a little more prep on my part to have fresh snacks handy while we are out and about, BUT Mac is much more comfortable now.  He’s eating more than ever. . .and it’s not processed junk.

And so far?  I haven’t had to resort to making his food look like Pinterest-worthy stupid smiley faced shit. . .

But if it comes to that, I’ll be sure to post about it.

Cookie Toast gives you the big strongs!

Cookie Toast gives you the big strongs!






6 Responses to “Cookie Toast: For When Good Eaters Go Bad”

  1. Georgina says:

    Hey, don’t knock the black-bean and rice shaped Panda making the rounds on Pinterest! I’d eat that if it looked like that! I love how much thought you put into your son’s bowels 🙂 As a photographic aside, we are a little bit jealous of Mac’s cement mixer – we’ve got the same fire engine but I didn’t know there was a Godfather toy available.
    Georgina recently posted…Socks appealMy Profile

    • admin says:

      We have the fire engine too. I had no idea how damned annoying they were when I purchased them. Those songs are RIDICULOUS. And I can’t get them out of my head!! UGH!!!

  2. You’re rock star at this thing!

    My favorite place for help with the food wars is weelicious.com Sounds like something that would be right up your alley!
    Anita@ Losing Austin recently posted…Come HomeMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi! I’ve been reading your posts. I know you have lots on your plate, so thank you so much for reading and commenting! Thank you for the link too. I can’t wait to check it out.

  3. Rick says:

    What ever you feed him, it does a wonderful job of growing a healthy head of hair.