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Friday Funny: I’ve Got Nothin’ Random Edition

Usually I have a few ideas in case I have time to post something on Friday. . .I have no idea where all those ideas are at the moment.  I’m feeling all I-NEED-TO-GET-SOMETHING-DONE-BEFORE-THIS-NEXT-KID-COMES-CRASHING-INTO-THIS-HOUSE!!!

Some people call it nesting.

I’d say in my case, it’s more a situation of I’m a horrible lazy procrastinator.

Regardless, I’m off to tackle a few piles of things that have been hanging around. . .Which I’ll probably just re-stack in a more visually attractive pile or whatever. . .but it will might keep me from eating a pint of cherry ice cream for breakfast.

Here are a couple of things that made me laugh from the Internets for your Friday:

1.  Jim Gaffigan.  He’s a comedian, with FIVE kids and a TWO bedroom apartment.  This isn’t new material but every time I see it, I laugh out loud.

2.  This Police Officer  oh my!  Via Kid Free Living.

3.  Shay at Trashy Blog had a little “situation” at the library recently. . .

4.  Speaking of books. . .One Classy Motha has a brilliant idea for repurposing children’s books

5.  So Then Stories (featured on Cloudy With a Chance of Wine) describes one of her most mortifying mommy moments.

This isn’t an exclusive list. . .but those piles aren’t going to move themselves from one corner of the basement to the other, so good weekend everyone! XOXO


2 Responses to “Friday Funny: I’ve Got Nothin’ Random Edition”

  1. Shay says:

    I’m not nesting, but the other night, I suddenly could not STAND the cluttered way the top of the refrigerator looked. I started cleaning it up, and I made a pile of the random things that the hubs had put up there (little tools, flashligts, etc.) and asked him if he could do something with it. He goes, “Yeah, I’ll just move it all down to the garage,” and I go, “But then we still have the pile…it’s just in a different spot.” He rolled his eyes, but I could tell he agreed. He got to work sorting the stuff, thank God, but I swear I could have heard “highfalutin cleaning skank” muttered under his breath as he did it. Haha.

    Hey–thanks so much for the shout-out!!!!!
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    • admin says:

      “highfalutin cleaning skank” hahaha! I’m one too. I even attempted to dust the top of the fridge a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t dusted since before MAC WAS BORN! I’m all sorts of fancy like that.