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My Darling Husband: Obnoxious Man-Child, The Sequel

Yesterday afternoon Chris came crashing in the front door.

“That was some pretty nice fiction you wrote on your blog about me today.”

“That was most certainly NOT fiction.” I muttered wrestling with Mac who was dumping kosher salt all over the kitchen floor.

“Well, my Mom CALLED ME!” Chris said.

“Your Mom called you?!” I gasped.  “Because of that post?  Really?!”

Cackle, cackle, cackle, “No.  But I totally got you didn’t I?”  He laughed wickedly.

I felt a little bad.

My Husband really is wonderful.  He’s a great partner and a great Father.  I should probably be nicer to him on this blog. . .Or maybe not. . .We all know when he’s nice, it’s not one bit funny.

And just as I was feeling a tad remorseful and wondering if I should address it. . .I witnessed THIS!!!!!

My Little Piggies

Dear. God.

And I subsequently learned this hoggish behavior was what caused the disagreement Mac and Chris had the other day while I ran to the bathroom. . .

Apparently Mac asked for whipped cream and Chris refused. . .which displeased Mac greatly. . .I can’t imagine why?


PS – Not to worry if you don’t like the videos. . .I don’t plan on including them in every post.  I’m short of time for today so I thought I’d be all lame and write a short post with video.  I’ll be back to my typical long winded drivel later this week!  XO

2 Responses to “My Darling Husband: Obnoxious Man-Child, The Sequel”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hahaha! And who, by chance is running the video camera and not saying a word?! You love love your little piggies 🙂 I love your orange and white cat by the way. Reminds me of my dear old Rhubarb from when I was about Mac’s age. I loved him but he didn’t love me so much. Apparently he didn’t appreciate his tail being used as a grab handle? I think the videos are nice.
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    • admin says:

      Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad you commented. I was just thinking the other day I hadn’t seen any new posts or comments from you in a bit. Hope everything is good.

      I do love my little piggies.

      Rhubarb? What a cute name for a pet! Our orange tabbies (Dexter & Edison) don’t particularly care for Mac either. He’s really inconsistent. One minute he’s gentle and giving them treats, the next he’s chasing them and grabbing tails too. Of course, both of those cats can be annoying little terrors themselves so sometimes I have to hide my pleasure when Mac chases them. Haha.