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Friday Funny: Husband Requests Testicles For Lunch

So a week or two ago, my Husband put a small dent in the much newer of our two cars.

That’s what he said when he texted me:  He put “a small dent in the side of the car.”

No big deal.  It happens.  We live in a CITY.  With street parking.   Our cars aren’t precious.

Then I caught a glimpse of the “small dent.”


I guess in my mind, a “small dent” might be something, say the size of a modest grapefruit.

This dent looked like someone launched a 35 pound pumpkin at the side of the car.

So. . .long story short, we agreed, it needed to be repaired.

Which is never as easy as it sounds. . .Estimates need to be obtained.  Rental cars coordinated.  Insurance.  Bleh.

And in the middle of the  scuffle was the small cooler Chris takes to work everyday.   He left it in the car when he dropped it at the body shop.

This meant he was without a way to keep his lunch cool for a couple of days while the car was fixed.

“Oh no!” I said when he told me what had happened.

“No worries,” Chris said.  “I’ll just take peanut butter sandwiches until the car is finished.”

“But I made all that chicken salad you like with the red grapes.  We don’t want it to go to waste.  You should take my pink cooler.   It’s a little bigger but it’s only a few days.”

The mention of the chicken salad definitely got his attention.  Yet, I could tell he was feeling conflicted about the cooler.

“I suppose I could take the pink cooler.  What do I care?  It’s just a pink cooler. . .for a few days,” he shrugged.

“Were you that worried about it?” I snickered.  “They were sold for breast cancer awareness.  It’s not some girly bedazzled frilly pink thing you know.”

“I know. . .” Chris said.

“Do you want me to do something to it to make it a little more um manly?  What can I do to help?” I asked.

“Yes!  You can help!” Chris perked up.  “You know those fake testicles people put on trailer hitches?”

“Yes. . .” I sighed.

“I’d like you to craft a pair and attach them to the cooler.”

He’s not right.  



3 Responses to “Friday Funny: Husband Requests Testicles For Lunch”

  1. Dani Ryan says:

    OMG, I’m DYING!!! The funny thing is, you are so good at that stuff, you’d make them look so realistic!!! 😉

  2. Rick says:

    I was once in a supermarket, and this short Hispanic fellow was wearing a hat, (this is God’s honest truth,) that had a penis sticking out of the top with two cloth testicles hanging from the sides. On the front is read “Pecker Head.” I died of embarrassment just being in the same store with him!