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Preparing for the Unexpected: A Control Freak’s Guide to A Second Baby

There are exactly 12 weeks left until due date!!

Time to stock the liquor cabinet!!!!!

But besides stocking the liquor cabinet what am I up to?

Oh you know. . .the usual, trying to locate all the baby gear I swore I never wanted to see again after Mac was born, slapping a few coats of paint on a few things. . .catching hell from a toddler about having another baby. . .

And making lists.

Lots and lots of lists.

See, I’m a horrible Type A Control Freak.

And the thought of leaving Mac with someone else for even a night has me in a state of panic. . .and I can barely allow myself to think about what could happen if I am gone extra nights or need a C Section and additional help. . .

But it’s time to face the music:  If this baby doesn’t arrive in the way I anticipate, at least I’ll have SOME control if I make a PLAN.

So I’m making lists and copious notes so I can be sure things go as smoothly as possible if I’m not able to do everything myself.

LIKE WHAT?!  You ask. . .

1.  I’ve reviewed all our Amazon Subscribe & Save subscriptions to make sure our deliveries are in good order so we don’t have to worry about running out of anything in the weeks before and months after the baby arrives.  I’ve also added new subscriptions for various items including some of our staple food items.  It will save me time at the grocery every week, I won’t have to lug the stuff around, and I save at least 15% on every item along with free shipping.  (That’s awesome even if we weren’t having another baby.)

2.  I’m leaving instructions.   Instructions for things like how to operate our washer and dryer.  What laundry gets laundered on what day.  Little notes like the diapers ALWAYS get washed with white vinegar on a Sanitary cycle.  What days the floors are broom swept and which days they are vacuumed.  What days the pets’ dishes get sanitized in the dishwasher.

These are the sorts of things well-meaning friends (and Husbands) can be of great assistance with while you’re struggling with a newborn and/or recovering from a C Section but often, just explaining HOW to do it is exhausting.  If they have written instructions, it’s so much easier.

Chris would also agree, this will come in handy for Mac & Baby’s “new mom” should I die prematurely in a freak accident.  ha!  

3.  I’m making a running list of things I need to do:  contact our dog walkers, finish painting trim in the upstairs hall, etc.

4.  I’m making a separate running list of things I need to buy:  type 1 bottle nipples, another baby monitor, WINE!!!  etc.

5.  I’m cooking and freezing.  If things get out of control and I need to feed some friends or family, I’ll be prepared.  If everything goes according to plan and it’s just the four of us, I’ll still be prepared with nutritious meals that don’t take much time to prepare.  The LAST thing I want is for my family to eat a bunch of take out and delivery for days on end.  It’s expensive and not exactly healthful.

6.  A little closer to delivery date, I’ll make detailed instructions regarding Mac’s routine, meal plans, and suggested fun activities.  Hopefully, this will keep him occupied and on some semblance of a routine.  The LAST thing I need is to arrive home from the hospital with a newborn and be greeted by an anxious, exhausted, out-of-sorts toddler.

7.  I’m making a meticulous calendar so I can carve time out to get through ALL of Mac’s mementos and keepsakes and organize them before we heap a bunch of NEW baby stuff on top of them.  (I’ve been slacking this ENTIRE TIME on this project!) AND re-read parts of a couple of our favorite baby care books.

8.  I’m considering a Red Cross Infant/Child CPR & First Aid class.  We did this before Mac was born and it was a LONG day.  I’m not certain I’m willing to make that time commitment again.  Maybe I can find a refresher course online or something.

9.  I want to make a few fun items for Mac and I’d like to purchase him a few new toys and books too.  Things that might keep him engaged while I’m not here or otherwise occupied.

10.  Also, with the baby arriving so close to Thanksgiving, Chris and I have decided to have Thanksgiving at home and “alone” this year.  So I want to plan out a quiet, special day and meal (cause I’m the sick freak that likes this sort of thing).  AND I want to get my thoughts together regarding the Christmas holiday so I’m prepared well in advance when folks ask what gifts the kids’ might like and need.

I’m insane aren’t I?

I just can’t help myself.

Anyone else have any useful tips or thoughts for welcoming a subsequent baby?  Helping your other children adjust to the changes?  Anyone?



8 Responses to “Preparing for the Unexpected: A Control Freak’s Guide to A Second Baby”

  1. Jennifer says:

    If you do anything at all on that list get a refresher on your first aid/CPR. I realize that most parents never have to use this information but speaking as one with experience in this department, all of the rest of that stuff on your list is completely meaningless if something happens to one of your children. I never thought in a million years that I would be the parent that had to deal with very scary medical emergencies with my own child, but I have numerous times now. And I thank God every single time that I took the time to get emergency medical training. My daughter decided to inhale a grape just a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t freak out or panic because I knew what to do. Back blows and the Heimlich were completely useless, by the way. Tipped her upside down, one back blow and the grape popped right out. Then I was able to sit down and fall apart.
    Jennifer recently posted…New Article on FoundationsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the GREAT reminder! We should definitely suck it up and get the CPR/First Aid refresher course. This is probably the most valuable content EVER on this blog! Thank you. Thank you. 🙂

      I’m so glad your daughter is fine after the grape incident. So SCARY!

  2. Loriann says:

    I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my first baby. This post freaked me out! I hope you are just super effecient and that I don’t have to make a list like that soon. The baby registry alone is enough to cause me to have a meltdown! I have to think of food & house cleaning too??!!
    Hahaha…I love it!
    Loriann recently posted…I’ve Been Busy Making a Baby!My Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Loriann! Congrats! Don’t be intimidated. In a lot of ways the first one is a bit easier since you don’t have to worry about one or more at home while you’re having another. It will all go JUST fine. Although, the registry is intimidating. I didn’t even bother. No shower. No registry. It just seemed like way too much work. . .(See? I’m definitely NOT super-efficient. . .lazy as anything! ha!). Keep me posted. Can’t wait to hear about your own baby and parenting adventures!

  3. Shay says:

    OMG, I am a total list-maker, too! I am not even kidding; I carry around a pen and a pad of post-its, and if I don’t have them, I feel naked. And it’s totally not because I’ve taken to walking around with no pants on…(kidding, kidding…:))
    Shay recently posted…Something a Little DifferentMy Profile

    • admin says:

      HA! When I USED to carry a purse regularly, I carried a cute little notebook for lists, etc. Now I just scribble stuff however and wherever I can. Chewing gum wrappers, in blood. Whatever works. . .

      I like the no pants idea. It’s strictly a comfort issue I’m sure. 🙂

  4. What a great post. Only have one so can’t help with ideas, apart from strongly endorsing #5. I made sure we had a freezer full of food as no family in the country. What was also helpful was a list of 10 super quick and easy meals to make at the time, so still eating well, but knew could make something quickly.

    • admin says:

      Thank you! Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting! I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted regarding whether these things actually pan out. 🙂