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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Expodes: Black Bean Soup FAST

This is one of my favorite fastest soups EVER.

I got the recipe from Real Simple magazine.  Original recipe here.


1.  Can of BLACK BEANS:  I don’t use canned beans.  They take up a lot of room in our cabinets.  So I started buying dry beans and soaking them.  I know you think this sounds like about as much fun as watching your toddler eat a wad of chewing gum he found at the playground but I have a system that seems to work for just about any bean I’ve tried:

On a Friday or Saturday evening, soak a big batch of beans overnight.  Then when you get awake the following morning gently heat them until they are your desired softness.  Once they are cooked and drained, divide them into zipper sandwich bags, seal and lie flat on a baking sheet.  Freeze.

You now have nice flat packages of frozen beans you can store in your freezer.  When you need beans, you can pull out a bag.  They thaw fast.  It’s easier than even operating a can opener!  (At least for me because I’m left-handed and those suckers are a real bitch to operate left-handed.)

black beans

2.  Anyway, back to the recipe. . .I take a pint container of the “fresh” store-bought salsa (give or take) and heat it in a soup pot with a little olive oil until the vegetables get just a tad soft.

3.  Add a can of low sodium chicken broth and continue heating.

4.  Stir in a can of refried black beans and make sure everything is combined well.

5.  Add the black beans and stir gently.

6.  If things look a little too thick, add a little more broth.

7.  I garnish with sour cream and avocados (sometimes lime and cilantro) and serve with tortilla chips or simple cheese quesadillas I make with whole wheat tortillas and some shredded cheddar cheese.

About refried black beans. . .It used to be I could only find these at Trader Joes.  However, recently, our local Grocer, Giant has them.

Also?  If you are looking to reduce fat and sodium. . .Omit the refried black beans and simple double the amount of whole black beans you add to the broth.