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Husband: “It’s Too Small!”


For once it wasn’t me uttering these words referring to my pants, bra, or swimsuit.  (Thank you Land’s End for engineering a suit that seems to be able to accommodate my protruding belly. . .at least for this weekend).

It was my Husband.

It’s not what you think.  What ARE you thinking?!  

He was talking about our HOUSE!

When we were trying to get knocked up, we didn’t give a whole lot of thought about where we might actually put a second baby.  And I certainly never considered all the gear a second kid needs.  (People tell me I’m pretty.)

But as I rapidly approach the half-way mark in my pregnancy, it’s time to get serious.  AND FREAK THE HELL OUT!

We have about 900 square feet.  On two levels.  Upstairs, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and what is probably considered a “den” as there’s no closet.  Fortunately, we have a finished basement with one bedroom and bath.

Currently Mac occupies the “den.”  We have the biggest bedroom which contains a huge closet.  The basement is in shambles, having become a dumping ground for all my “decluttering.”  And I’m waddling around playing a game of musical beds in my head all day.  Everyday.

Initially, I thought I’d just throw a new crib in our room and leave Mac undisturbed in his room.  He’s perfectly happy sleeping in his crib and by numerous accounts, that’s where he can remain until he can or does physically climb out of it.

Of course, it was tempting to force him into a “big boy” bed soon so we didn’t have to purchase another crib, but the LAST thing I need is that little monster creeping around at all hours.  So in the crib he stays for as long as possible.

The downside to this arrangement is that Mac sleeps lightly.  His room is at the top of the stairs.  So any pacing I have to do with the new baby will probably occur in the basement two floors away from sleeping Mac and Husband.  Except, I have to pass Mac’s room with cranky baby to get there. . .a potentially recurring nightmare.

Well Deni, just move Mac into the big bedroom now.  It’s tucked away from the stairs so you hopefully won’t disturb him too much and when the baby is a little older and sleeping better, you can move him or her into the bigger room too.

Great.  EXCEPT that means Chris and I get the very teensy “den” and I’m not sure I can get our bed AND a crib in there.

While the basement has plenty of room. . .I can’t leave our kids down there.  I just can’t.  There’s a door that opens to our yard and I just don’t feel comfortable having them in that area all night while Chris and I sleep two floors away.

I was mulling over my options with Chris the other day, who is quite insistent that the kids share the small room. . .which of course, is a horrible long-term solution as I could barely fit two cribs in there, let alone twin beds.

Chris SAID it’s because he didn’t want to give up his gigantic cedar closet (um, hello, I’m SUPPOSED to be the GIRL in this relationship).  But I’m guessing it’s also because he realizes this will require the least amount of time and labor on his part.

My other option is to ditch the guest room.  We seldom ever have guests.  I mean, who the hell wants to stay in this loony bin?  Chris and I could sleep there.  Mac remains in his room, baby gets the big room until maybe one day they are ready to share the big room.  This has one major disadvantage:  When baby won’t sleep, we’ll be forced to the main floor, sandwiched between levels where Chris and Mac are trying to sleep.

Why the hell is this so complicated?  

Whatever moves we make I’d like them to be a set up for a long-term solution.  I’m not interested in playing musical beds three or four more times in the next decade. . .

Chris and I went back and forth. . .”It’s just too small.  This house is just too small,” Chris muttered at me, defeated.

“Don’t you DARE say that!” I admonished him.  “People have been raising 2, 3, 4, 5 or more children in these homes for over 100 years.  It’s NOT too small.  And furthermore, plenty of people on this very block are doing it now:   Kip & Ivy, Stetson & Selinger, James & Mia, and that other family with the two kids we don’t know.”

Please don’t make me move to suburban hell.  I’ll be miserable.  Please.  I’ll be a slave to an SUV or minivan or whatever.  I’ll have to drive everywhere.  We’ll be living in a house constructed out of materials just a grade above cardboard.  We’re going to need to buy a bunch of junk to furnish the place.  I hate suburban sprawl.  I don’t want any more house to clean.  PLEASE!  Do not make me do it!

“We just have to be more creative, is all,” I said in a positive voice. . .but feeling a bit uninspired and rather intimidated.  So many moving parts.

Chris says the kids don’t need a big bedroom as he figures they will never be in it.  Looking back on my own childhood, I recall being in my room a LOT.  (And NOT just because I was in time out a lot. . .although that was true.)

I liked having a space of my own. . .I liked we had a playroom for a number of years.  OUR current bedroom is certainly big enough to accommodate both kids and give them ample play space. . .especially if we opt for bunk beds when they are older. . .And it has a lovely high ceiling – which will easily accommodate bunks.

Chris and I only use our bedroom for sleeping.  So we wouldn’t be missing much if we squeeze into the small room. . .well, except for the closet . . .


Would it be considered unsafe just to put the baby in our bottom dresser drawer for a few months until Mac’s ready for a bed and the baby sleeps for longer periods of time?

Short of flopping a bunch of mattresses on the floor ala some seedy crack house, I’m unable to wrap my brain around a workable solution right now. . .

Setting up a nursery in our big bathroom is probably not a viable option huh?

Setting up a nursery in our big bathroom is probably not a viable option huh?





10 Responses to “Husband: “It’s Too Small!””

  1. Shay says:

    Can you make downstairs the guest bedroom and the current guest bedroom the baby’s room? Or, keep the guest bedroom as is and add a crib. If you don’t have guests that often, anyway, it won’t affect you much in the 2 years that it takes baby to grow out of the crib. Then, when the baby is old enough to sleep more easily in other beds and you do want to have guests, you could have him/her sleep in your room or your son’s room until the guests are gone…

    Does that make any sense at all, or did I just make you even more confused? Because I think I’m confused now. 🙂 Good luck on finding a solution!
    Shay recently posted…Poop Wars: A Totally (Not) Inspirational Mother’s Day StoryMy Profile

    • admin says:

      I’m totally confused! And it’s not because of you. Ha! I guess part of my problem is also trying to figure out the furniture shuffle that has to accompany this whole mess.

      BUT putting my concerns in writing this morning did actually help. I’m thinking I’ll let Mac stay where he is for now. I’ll move the twin beds from the guest room to our room and set them up as they will be one day when the kids are older. I can also get a crib in there. So we have the option to sleep upstairs with baby and can intervene quickly when baby cries.

      I’ll put our bed in the basement guest room. So husband and I also have the option of sleeping (in the same bed) in the basement assuming the baby is sleeping well.

      When everyone’s ready, I’ll move Mac to the big room with baby. Buy a new bed for for the small room – which will become our bedroom. So any guests that visit will still have their own space in basement away from us.

      In the meantime, (or anytime in the future) as you mentioned, if we do have company, they can have either the basement OR sleep in the big room upstairs and we’ll just have baby sleep in pack and play in basement with us while they are here. Thank you so much for mentioning that — it’s an excellent suggestion and actually offers more flexibility than I ever considered before!

      Of course, the big closet will be in kid’s room but but we can completely work around that. As it is, I’m wearing the same 3 outfits all week anyway. Ha!

      THANK YOU for the suggestion! Great idea!

  2. We’re 5 people, 2 work from home adults and 3 homeschooled kids, living in 1000 sq feet in the inner city. Because the suburbs are hell. You’ll make it work. Just don’t get a Great Dane.
    nothingbythebook recently posted…Secret to raising healthy eaters: don’t feed your kids crap; don’t force “good for you food” down their gulletsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      I’m completely committed to making this work. I don’t think I’m cut out for suburban life!

      Enjoyed your post this morning. Tried to comment but things weren’t working quickly. I’ll try again later. 🙂

  3. Meghan says:

    900 SQUARE FEET?! And I thought our house was small! Good luck! I know you’ll come up with a clever solution 🙂
    Meghan recently posted…J.M.M.Y Run 5KMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Yes. Very small! The 900 feet are the top two floors. The basement adds maybe another what? 450 square feet since it’s the same footprint as the rest of the house. Should be a fun challenge. Congrats on another race! 🙂

  4. Dani Ryan says:

    We live in a 2+ den condo thats 1300 square feet and EVERYONE is always on us about buying a house. If you remember, we almost DID buy a place in suburbia last year, but we’re so glad we didn’t as I’m not sure we could handle it. My sense is that you love where you are, and that you’ll make it work. We don’t even have a guest bedroom, but I can’t justify mortgaging ourselves to the tits just to get one, you know?

    Anyway, what you wrote in response to Shay seems like an awesome option. Good luck with it!

    (And my child is staying in her crib for as long as she is willing, too!!!)
    Dani Ryan recently posted…This. Is. Motherhood.My Profile

    • admin says:

      I remember your house hunt last year! It sounded HORRIBLE. 🙂

      If I have my druthers I’ll never bother to move. It’s just so, so much time and effort and money especially for all the benefits of living in our current location. And although I think we have a lot of equity in our place and market values are rising again, I imagine, we would also be mortgaged out the wah-zoo just to get some questionably constructed 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom, siding-covered monstrosity resting on a patch of land no bigger than a postage stamp for $500,000.

      If that’s your jam, that’s great. But I don’t see much value in it for us personally.

      Of course, if we stay here, we’re going to be leveraged to the tits paying for private school. . .so there’s that.

      Now that I’ve made decisions, I’m itching to get started on my plan. I have dreams of having everything “under control” well before this new kids shows up. . .I plan, God laughs. . .

  5. Jennifer says:

    We just left our 900 sq. foot loft apartment for our first house. We didn’t sell out to suburbia though! We found a sweet little brick two story with 1800 sq. feet. that was built in 1911. Tons of charm in an old neighborhood. Big benefit to small town Wisconsin. Lots of these gems at reasonable prices.
    I loved our apartment but I have to say I am loving the space way more. Somehow we managed to luck out and find an old house with tons of closets. There are so many closets that the dog has his own “room”. A closet that we had nothing to put in?!?! We also have no idea what to do with the full basement and walk up attic, but I am perfectly ok with that 🙂 When the girl and I get sick of one another we have plenty of space to go away from each other.
    I find myself much more relaxed and I actually kind of enjoy cleaning because everything has a happy home now.
    Jennifer recently posted…Longing to BloomMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Our house was built in 1910! They are so fun aren’t they? The character. The charm. The lack of updated electrical systems. 🙂

      You are very fortunate to have such a great location. I grew up in a town that had similar properties all over the place. . .and grew up in a good-sized early 1900’s victorian style home. . .which is probably why an older home, despite their challenges will always be where I’m happiest.

      So great that you have more space than you know what to do with. When I was young, our playroom was in the attic. It was amazing to play up there hearing the rain hit the roof. . .telling my sisters there were dead bodies in the eaves. LOL!

      And it is SO much easier to clean when you have space to keep everything organized. That’s one of the reasons I’m loving getting rid of so much stuff. It makes everything easier. Fewer choices to ponder. Fewer things to dust. Fewer things to move around.

      I hope sometime I can see some photos of your place. It sounds awesome. . .especially that little wiener’s closet/room. 🙂