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TwatWaffle. . .Now That I Have Your Attention: What I Learned From Three Spoons

You know what happens when you spend a lot of time being “productive”?

You have poor blog material.

I don’t think I did one thing yesterday that was stupid enough to expand into a 1500 word diatribe about my incompetence.

It’s amazing.  I can’t believe it either.  

Today is a new day full of promise, right?

I’m still really trying to buckle down and get stuff done now that I don’t feel like death every day.

I spent an inordinate amount of time yesterday crawling around on the kitchen floor trying to outsmart a 2-year old.  (Trust me, it was a lot more taxing than even the bar exam).

I’ve settled on the “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em approach” to our little childproofing issue in the kitchen.

For months I’ve been attempting to simplify our lives as much as possible. So I figured the kitchen cabinets could use some attention anyway.  We don’t have a panty or oodles of storage in the kitchen but that’s ok because we really don’t need a bunch of kitchen gadgets.  We eat simple meals – mostly vegetables simply prepared.

However, sometimes both Chris and I fall into a “stock up” mindset.  Meaning if our beloved canned tomatoes are on sale, we might purchase 8 cans at once.  This is great. . .if you have room to put them.   We don’t.  So I’ve been trying to knock that crap off.  If we’re using three cans of tomatoes this week, I’ll buy three cans of tomatoes.  I don’t care how damned cheap they are.  It’s not worth it to me to have extra clutter in my cabinets.

Where I once loved the idea of a gigantic pantry full of stuff, that no longer appeals to me.  A family of 3 does not need a massive stockpile of food (or grooming products or anything else really).  For us, it just led to unnecessary waste.  And being conscious about our consumption and waste is something I’d like Mac to be aware of as he gets older.

So yesterday I challenged myself to fit our staples into 50% less space than they were previously occupying.

I figured this way, Mac could have his own set of cabinets.  It would get the junk he plays with on the main floor out of my sight.  It would be centralized in one place.  It would be his own special place.  We could even hang art, a future chore chart, calendar, etc on the insides of the doors.  And when the new baby gets here, I plan to tell him it’s a big boy space that the baby can’t access so he should put all his treasures in there to be safe.  (That kind of bullshit worked on me as the oldest sibling so I figure he might be open to it.)

cabinet Mac

It took an entire nap time and a lot of crawling around but I was successful.  I also managed to ditch about 50% of our kitchen utensils.  Seriously, I had no business having 6 slotted spoons.  None.  

Cabinet Food

By now you’re all thinking. “That’s great, Deni.  This post is a waste of time.  Why am I still reading this crap?  It’s not even that funny or snarky or full of  funny curse words like twatwaffle.”  

Trust me, I have a point. . .and I’m about to get to it. . .

Something weird happened after I cleared out some of the stuff.  I felt GOOD.  Like REALLY, REALLY GOOD.  Joyous even.

Now, I’m not a hoarder.  I donate stuff and recycle things regularly. I try to keep the house pretty clean.  And I’m familiar with the sense of pride you get when you peek into a well organized linen closet. . .but this was different. . .

This felt like a renewed commitment to an improved lifestyle I’ve been trying to implement since Mac was born.  This is an example for our children:  No more having more than we can consume.  No more spending time riffling through cluttered cabinets and closets.  Beware processed foods and excessive packaging.  Think about the power you have as a consumer.  Think about your responsibility to the Earth and everyone and everything that inhabits it.

Who would have guessed, all that from three slotted spoons?  

PS – The kitchen gadgets that were worth keeping will all be donated to Goodwill.  I actually didn’t have to throw away any food but one expired can of pumpkin. . .and some baby oatmeal – which Mac hated from jump. 

Today’s nap time challenge?  The coat closet.  Can I part with 50% of my coats?  My stomach is in knots thinking about it.  Which knee length coat gets the ax?  The lovely winter white one or the red?

Coat Closet

You can hardly stand the suspense can you?

While I’m at it, Mother’s Day is fast approaching. . .Maybe you want to check out this oldie but goodie:  my Mother’s Day gift-giving guidelines.


6 Responses to “TwatWaffle. . .Now That I Have Your Attention: What I Learned From Three Spoons”

  1. You’re kind of a rockstar on the cleanout. I hate clutter and love the feeling of clean clutter free organized closets and drawers. I just haven’t felt that good feeling in a long time! I have a giant pantry that desperately needs a cleanout. I love it being huge, but it’s overwhelming and we have so much stuff we can’t find what we need. Sounds like a good weekend project!
    Anita @ Losing Austin recently posted…Salty and Caustic- That’s Me!My Profile

    • admin says:

      Good luck! I really do think the more space I’m given, the harder I work to fill it! If I had a huge pantry, there’s little doubt, I’d have it completely stocked. . .It’s a challenge for sure! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Dani Ryan says:

    You are the second person to use the word “twatwaffle” in a blog post today. It’s now my new favorite word. 🙂
    Dani Ryan recently posted…Why I’m not allowed to touch expensive thingsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      I used that word on the same day as someone else? Am I becoming mainstream? hahaha! I had never heard it until I heard a co-worker use it a few years back. The word itself cracks me up, although, I have no idea what it means, I’m scared to Google it, and therefore I’m never sure I can use it effectively. 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    Haha! We just did all the decluttering with our move. That is one thing I miss about moving a lot (we moved like 12 times in the first 7 years we were married). When you are in the moving frame of mind there is no keeping of excess stuff, cuz seriously, who wants to move things they really don’t need to?! It was mildly horrifying and gratifying at the same time that we were able to pack the last 10 years of our life into one 12 foot enclosed trailer for this move. And we still got rid of a ton of stuff!!!
    And if something hasn’t been important enough to unpack by the third move or one year (which ever comes first) it goes to Goodwill. Those are just a couple of my anti-hoarding tactics 🙂
    Jennifer recently posted…Longing to BloomMy Profile

    • admin says:

      My biggest problem seems to be the sentimental stuff. Photos, notes. . .While I have ideas about making digital archives and organizing some hard copies I NEVER have time to do it. So I keep hoarding it. I can part with material stuff in a second, meanwhile all the notes and things I need to scan and copy and put in books etc just keeps piling up. I’m beginning to think I have a PROBLEM. (Okay, another problem to add to my long list. Ha)

      Hope you have a great weekend!