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Friday Funny: Husband Once Again Narrowly Escapes Death

Last week, I paused to examine my bloated profile in the gigantic mirror in our living room. . .

Chris:  “Are you showing already?!”

Me:  Shoots a look of death his direction.

Chris:  “Never mind.  You aren’t showing already.  Forget I ever said anything.  You look wonderful.  Beautiful!”

Me:  Another silent look of death.

Chris:  “Crap.  I’m going to end up on your blog again aren’t I?”

For the record?  I’m pretty sure it was just my usual fat.  


4 Responses to “Friday Funny: Husband Once Again Narrowly Escapes Death”

  1. Nature is cruel: with the second baby, your body kind of goes, hey I remember this! This is when I hoard all the fat and let it all hang out, yes! Grow, belly, grow! And you show way sooner.

    And I swear with the third, I had a belly before I knew I was pregnant.

    Altho’ that might have been left-over weight from the second.

    Why do we do this again? Right–to continue the human race. Sigh. You’d better be worth it, humanity.
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    • admin says:

      Well, if your little snippets of what children do and say are any indication, the human race will be fine. HILARIOUS and fine. They are too funny.

      I had a nasty weekend battling with my hiking pants. I think I’ve already reached the limits of their elastic gussets. I knew I was going to have a belly much sooner this time. . .it’s just so much bigger than I expected. GAH!

  2. Shay says:

    I have found that while my hubs doesn’t care one way or the other whether he’s featured, my dad will try his arse off to get featured on my blog. He’s mad that I had to go anon; he wishes he still got his pictures put up. Haha.

    Love this convo–I think many of us can relate! I just remembering wanting to badly to look pregnant finally so that people would stop looking at me, wondering why I was gaining weight so quickly. 🙂 I’ll bet you look great!!
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    • admin says:

      Thank you! I don’t look great. I’m on that cusp where it looks as if I’ve gained 10 lbs of belly fat but it’s not perfectly firm and round like an actually baby bump yet. . .It had better get that way soon! I know the neighbors are talking. I haven’t gained anywhere near 10 lbs either. How does that work? You’ve gained like 2 pounds but you look like you’ve put on 12!

      Too funny about your Father. You should put his pictures up to humor him. Maybe put that black line through his eyes to keep them kinda’ anonymous? I can’t wait to see what his next publicity stunt is! They always crack me up!