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In Which the Friday Funny Is Possibly Only Mildly Amusing. . .

This week has been a long week for so many of us.  I’m having trouble finding funny right now.

This is all I’ve got:

1.  When the Vet suggested we put Tilghman on a diet, I don’t think this is exactly what she had in mind:

dog diet


Dinner Conversation from Earlier this Week:

Me:  “Guess what?  I went into “my outhouse” this morning in the park and there was a big pile of. . .”

Chris:  “Stop.  Just.  Stop.  I’m trying to eat here.”

Me:  “Really.  After a decade,  you suddenly find doody an inappropriate subject for dinner conversation?  Anyway, someone made a huge pile of poop on the FLOOR!  Who does that?  Some kid?”

Chris:  “Maybe?  I was running in the park this evening and got mooned by about six ten-year-olds who were screaming “Kiss my ass!”

AGAIN, I’m forced to question what kind of parent allows their 10 year-old kid in the Park without some supervision? Obviously, nothing good comes of it.  

I hope you make the best of the weekend!  XO



4 Responses to “In Which the Friday Funny Is Possibly Only Mildly Amusing. . .”

  1. wow. I can’t even imagine yelling “Kiss my ass” or showing my butt to anyone EVER, let alone at age 10. seriously, I’m not even embarrassed anymore to be the “grumpy old man” and saying, “What is WRONG with kids these days??”
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  2. Shay says:

    I have a friend who has a couple of dogs, and every time we go to her house for playdates (for the kids) and coffee (for the moms), all our kids want to do is throw things into that dog bowl! Cute pic.
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    • admin says:

      What is the attraction? It’s ridiculous. Now I have to remember to keep putting the water out when the kid isn’t around. I’m pretty sure they dog is dehydrated. I caught him checking out the toilet yesterday. Ha!