If a Mother speaks, and no one pays a damned bit of attention, has she actually made a sound?

All day, every day with these idiots. . .

All day, every day with these idiots. . .

Whew, nelly!  Long weekend around here.  I’ve been occasionally exhausted – which makes for even longer days for Chris.  He’s a trooper and he tries very hard to make things easier on me. . .for all of us. . .and yet. . .sometimes I get the feeling, he’s not exactly heeding my warnings. . .

Saturday morning, I was pregnantly slurping down a half-gallon of orange juice (which normally I wouldn’t ever drink), when Mac awoke.  I was drinking said juice from one of those plastic Solo cups because honestly, it was handy when I ripped the carton of OJ out of the fridge.

Mac comes downstairs and predictably requests a “cup.”  After spending nearly 700 consecutive mornings with Mac, I was quite certain all he wanted was an empty plastic cup.  However, Chris made the executive decision that what Mac really wanted was a sip of my orange juice.

Despite my reminder to Chris that Mac routinely refuses actual oranges (even the cute little mandarin kind), Chris offered Mac the cup.  Naturally, Mac grabbed the cup and attempted to flee.  A minor scuffle ensued, tears were shed, screams were wailed,  and the kitchen floor is STILL sticky.

Sigh.  Big sigh.

Saturday evening, Chris decided he’d take Mac to purchase a new TV for our bedroom.  The old one no longer had a picture.  He said he’d take Mac so that I had some free time to do some gardening.  This sounded like a great idea to me, until Chris also mentioned that he was seeing his Mother for dinner.

This wasn’t the most stellar of ideas, I admonished him.

I had taken Mac to the grocery earlier that day and he napped poorly so I was certain he was exhausted.  And I think we can all agree an exhausted toddler confined to a high chair in a public place is a poor idea.  This also meant that the entire evening routine was going to get pushed back later and later.  We had fun plans on Sunday and I REALLY needed Mac to have a good day Sunday.

“He needs a bath,” I protested.  “Can’t we just see your Mother tomorrow when we see your Father?  Why can’t we just have dinner with them ONCE this weekend?  It’s a LOT for a 22-month old.   Why is it necessary we do this to him?”

“It’s fine, really.”  Chris dismissed me.  “Don’t get all uptight.  Mac will be fine.  I’ll even give him a quick bath before he goes.”

I could tell I wasn’t going to win this one. . .

“Ok.  But please, please, please get him home no later than 8.  You know I’ll have to feed him again before bed and there are things I want to get done after he goes to bed.  Please?”

Because Mac fell asleep later in the afternoon, Chris and I agreed he should sleep until nearly 4:30.  What Chris apparently failed to consider was whenever Mac is awakened from a sound sleep, he often needs up to half an hour of holding and carrying and snuggling and sweet talking to ensure he’s in a decent mood.

Look, I can’t blame the kid, I hate being abruptly awakened too.

Chris, either being unaware of Mac’s preference or in a huge hurry to keep both his Mother and me off his back, instead opted to get him awake, strip him down and immediately toss him in the bathtub.

I was alerted to this fact only once Mac’s blood curdling screaming started.

It wasn’t pretty.  At all.  In fact, it might have been the most upset I’ve seen the kid to date.

As you can imagine, this irked me.  I understand children sometimes have to do things that they don’t want to do.  I understand sometimes they have to be flexible and a “scene” is unavoidable.  But I firmly believe, to the degree you can control the situation, you shouldn’t needlessly pull shit like this on them.  It’s not pleasant for anyone.

I bit my tongue so hard, I’m pretty sure a quarter of it is not salvageable.

As predicted, the scene at the restaurant wasn’t pretty.  I’m certain no one enjoyed that meal.   Mac reportedly had a massive meltdown and the service was super slow prolonging everyone’s misery.  They got home late.  I was making Mac sandwiches at 9 PM and praying he’d go to bed by 10.

Look, I realize I make bad decisions so often, I lack almost all credibility.   I know the things I do with regard to this Kid and his routine sometimes seem ridiculous.  TRUST ME, I have my reasons.  I’m not right 100% of the time.  If I don’t know, I’ll tell you I don’t know.  But if I’m telling you something, I’m certain you should HEED MY WARNINGS!!

Did we learn anything this weekend?  Only time will tell.  Until then, I figure I have a free pass for at least 15 bad decisions. . .I plan to start making them immediately.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m feeling a vindictive mood swing coming on and I have some Internet shopping to do. . .

Mommy looks emotional and is holding three credit cards. . .

Mommy looks emotional and is holding three credit cards. . .




10 Responses to “HEED MY WARNING!”

  1. Tara says:

    I have been there! Sometimes it is hard to balance doing what our parents/in-laws want with the routines and needs of our kids. I have found myself having the same kind of arguments with my husband. Usually, I just have to state my mind and settle for an “I told you so.” Thankfully as the kids have grown so have their grandparents and now they are really understanding when I mention these concerns now.
    Tara recently posted…We Go to a Concert and Don’t Scream Like Little GirlsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      The “I told you so” shouldn’t be NEARLY as satisfying as it is! Glad to hear things might improve. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I could write a post that would seem almost identical to this! Waking our three year old up this morning with immediate tickles and rough housing was my husband, as I said, “He really prefers to be woken up slowly you know.” But no, it kept on and when my son got very grumpy and wouldn’t give my husband a hug or kiss, I gave him that “I told you so look” to which my husband replied “but he loves that.” Sigh. Yes, but he wakes slowly and needs a few minutes. Every.single.day.of.his.life. Are you new around here?


    Anita @ Losing Austin recently posted…Cracked EggsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Ha! Is your husband a “morning person”? My Husband is all happy, loud the minute his feet hit the floor every morning. He still doesn’t grasp the concept that ahem SOME OF US need a little more quiet time in the morning. And, like your Husband, he’s still all pouty and confused when he’s told to KNOCK IF OFF ALREADY!! 🙂

  3. oh I love your orange cat!!

    and I have this fight with my husband ALL the time. *I* am the one who spends all day with the girls, PLEASE do NOT question me when I *KNOW* something is going to work or not work. Most often, the fight ends with me screaming, “GODDAMMIT I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT”
    The Next Step recently posted…G is for Getting Rid of GlutMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Thanks! That orange cat knows no boundaries or limitations. He’s lucky he’s so affectionate or he might have gotten to boot a long time ago! 🙂

      I’m going to practice your line: GODDAMNIT I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! I have a feeling I’m probably going to need it.


  4. Rick says:

    My one twin girl has found a new trick. First she begins crying as if her right arm were just torn off, and if that doesn’t work, she holds her breath between sobs. Cute! While her mother frantically blows in her mouth, my thought is at 4 years old, would she actually hold her breath till she passes out to get what she wants? I doubt it!

    • admin says:

      I’m SO glad Mac hasn’t figured out to hold his breath yet. He probably will though. I think I tried that a few times when I was a kid. They say the kid won’t hold their breath until something bad happens but it’s still scary. Why are they so annoying and stupid? hahaha.

  5. You have a real gift for headlines, my cyberfriend. BTW what did you buy?
    nothingbythebook recently posted…Emotional EightMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Well, thank you! I didn’t buy anything. I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything clothes since I’m pregnant and have decent maternity clothes. I didn’t really have my eye on any cosmetics or accessories either. And well, as for the house, why bother?! I guess it’s both wonderful and pathetic that I can’t think of ONE thing I need right now. 🙂