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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: FAST Beans, Cabbage, & Apple Skillet

You know I’m all about fast dinners around here.  With the daylight lasting longer, we like to get outdoors as a family in the evenings and the faster I can get dinner on the table, the better.  Last week I concocted this little gem of seemingly odd ingredients but it got HUGE thumbs up from the Husband.  The kid was less impressed. . .but that’s his usual take on meals these days.

Here’s what I did and how:

1.  Take half a medium head of raw white cabbage and slice it into long strips.

2.  Take about 2 apples and slice them into thin-ish wedges.

3.  Open a can of cannelleni beans (or soak some overnight), drain and set aside.

4.  Optional:  Cut up a “horseshoe” of mild beef kliebasa into thin circles.  (Yes, we try to stay meat-free but with the kid’s eating habits these days, I do try to offer up variety just in case we stumble upon a protein other than beans or eggs he might eat).

5.  Cook a cup of brown rice according to the directions.  (We use the for real brown rice that takes a while to cook but to speed up the process, you could use an instant or white/other variety).

6.  While the rice is cooking, dump a few glugs of olive oil into a large skillet.  Add the cabbage and allow it to soften a bit.  Then add the apple wedges. Once both ingredients are a bit soft, add the sausage if you are using and allow it to warm and finally add the beans.

7.  While everything is cooking on the stove, prepare a dressing:   Dice a shallot or half a small red onion and add it to a jar with a screw top lid.  In a small bowl, mix red cider vinegar and sugar or honey to taste.  Add to the jar.  Add some mustard – any kind will work but I like using brown mustard or something with a similar zip.  Add salt and pepper or other seasonings to taste.  Once you have the flavor desired, add olive oil, screw on the cap and shake to emulsify the dressing.

8.  Plate a spoonful of rice, the cabbage/apple/bean/sausage on top and drizzle with dressing.

Dinner in a hurry.

This dinner pairs well with little time, annoyance, cider beer, sweeter white wines, and if you’re particularly desperate, orange-flavored mouthwash.

Good luck!

You got the kitchen Skillz-ets Yo!

You got the kitchen Skillz-ets Yo!