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Dear Dedicated Readers,

This is the last post I’ll write at The Diary of a Reluctant Mother.

Blogging is causing me martial strife, low self-esteem, and perhaps contributing to the negligence of a minor.

It’s been a good ride.  But I’m signing off.  I’ll just have to bitch about my life to my Husband from now on.

Love you all so so much!  Reluctant Mother

Freak out 1

Freak out 2


I’m just joking.  I already had ALL those problems before I started writing this blog.  I’m not going to stop blogging.

However, this IS the last post I’m writing at www.thediaryofareluctantmother.com

Monday, 4/1/2012 ahem April Fool’s Day, is the official launch my new and improved, bigger and better blog!

You’re dying to see it already aren’t you?  

It’s a whole new concept.  A brand spanking new design.  It’s designed to offer up even more of my delusion and misguidance. . .not just parenting humor and stories.

Where can I find this blog, WHERE?!  You are surely by now pleading desperately. . .

HERE:  www.denimiller.com 

Please bookmark it, like it, Pin it, Tweet it, tattoo it on your first born’s forearm. . .the NEW URL is www.denimiller.com

I’ll post some new content there in the next few days so please CHECK IT OUT!

What are we waiting for?  Let’s GO!  DEN STATE!!!