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I’m A Worn Out Husk of a Reluctant Mother

I logged another night on Mac’s bedroom floor.  And while, it’s not exactly uncomfortable to  sit at the computer while I’m hunched over like Quasimodo, mentally, I’m just not functioning at even half capacity right now. . .I’ve tried three different drafts this morning – funny ideas – but I just can’t get it OUT right now.  So I’ll be back (hopefully later today) but until then, here’s some stuff you might like:

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2.  You MUST read Trashy Blog!  Read ANY post.  You’ll be snarfing your beverage everywhere!  My most recent fave is “Sweating It.”

3.  If you haven’t seen Vikki Claflin’s blog Laugh Lines yet, you are in for a huge treat.  She’s hilarious!  My favorite post: Good Morning, Mom.  Now For the Love of God, Put Some Clothes On.

4.  For you bird nerds, Rick has a funny story about “Closet Twitching” on his blog, RichardMax22.

5.  Looking for something thought-provoking?  See School of Smock’s post on why she hopes her son is sometimes bored.

6.  EASTER is fast approaching.  If you’re having trouble explaining the meaning of Easter to your little ones Danielle has you covered:  The Story of Easter.  It won’t disappoint.  Trust me!

7.  And of course, Jewish folks are observing Passover right now.  Jap Rap has that one covered. (I’m dying).

Other stuff you might have missed?

SCARY MOMMY featured (an edited version) of my post Reluctant Mother’s Performance review last week!  EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!  Very exciting!  If you’ve found your way here via Scary Mommy, thank you.  And I promise, I write new content almost every day.  Things have just been a little “off” the past few days.  Please come back!  🙂


Blue Jay somehow got stuck in a bird feeder.  WTF?  This photo was sourced from MD Birding Google Group.  If you know original source, let me know and I'll credit.

Blue Jay somehow got stuck in a bird feeder. WTF?
This photo was sourced from MD Birding Google Group. If you know original source, let me know and I’ll credit.

I’ll leave you with this:



See you soon!  XOXO

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  1. richardmax22 says:

    Quick question. How do you put titles into your post that can easily be clicked on?

    • Deni Lyn says:

      I’m the last person to seek technical advice from but here’s how I do it.

      When you are drafting a post, there is an icon in the tool bar that sort of looks like this: (=) like a dumb bell kinda. If you are using typical old WordPress, it’s likely about the 6th icon from the right located just to the right of the options for justifying the text.

      With me so far?

      Highlight in the body of your post where you want to insert a link to other content. (For example: Rick at RichardMax22 has a funny post about “Closet Twitching.” You could highlight the blog name or Closet Twitching – whatever text you want folks to click on to go to the other content).

      After highlighting the text, Click the dumb bell icon.

      A small dialogue box will open to link to other content.

      In this dialogue box you’ll notice a few blank boxes where you can link text from the Web AND towards the bottom, there should be a list of all your blog posts that you could select to link to.

      If you want to reference an old blog post of your own, super easy just click on that blog post title in the menu and follow the prompt to “add link.”

      If you want to link to content from another Blog or website, you have to take extra steps: Open up the website or blog you want to link to in another window. Copy the entire http address for the content. (So highlight it, right click, COPY). THEN go back to your blog post window and use the right click PASTE to add the web address into the blank area in the small link dialogue box.

      Now, the web address should appear in that box. BUT if you notice, the http: shows up twice since that box was already pre-populated with it and the web address you copied also contains it. Delete the original “http:” (you could probably do this before actually pasting the link too.)

      Then follow any other prompts to “Add Link” (which I think is just clicking the add link button in the dialogue box).

      The text you highlighted in the original blog post should now appear blue – or a different color- indicating a link.

      If this isn’t clear, let me know, I could try emailing you screen shots of the steps or something else to make it more clear.

      Good luck!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear Mac is still sick. I did not enjoy the first cold, although I’ll give my child credit. She handled it pretty well. It was the not eating and drinking that I struggled with. Because, you know, my job is to worry about such things. One thing that really helped was baths. My child loves baths, and whenever she hit a rough patch in the day where she started to get weepy, we threw her in the bath and her mood changed. She was having 3 per day. Don’t worry – I moisturized her after. 🙂 I hope he feels better soon!! xo

    • Deni Lyn says:

      He’s improving. Just a little drippy sometimes from the nose (but it seems to be viral so not quite as gross). He’s been a trooper too. However, as you mentioned was the case with your daughter, Mac has been on hunger strike and it’s had me nuts. Thanks for the tip about the baths! Mac likes them too. Although, I’m WAY too lazy to give him 3 a day. Ha.

      Last night was just the perfect storm, the weather was awful so we didn’t get out and because I was completely exhausted last evening, I caved and let him use the phone for about 45 minutes while we snuggled on the bed. So when it was actually time for him to sleep – he wasn’t tired AT ALL. I swear I will NEVER make that mistake again. We were at the park bright and early this morning and he WILL be running around there again after his nap this afternoon. (I won’t take him to the playground sick but he likes to run and kick a ball around thankfully).

      Thanks for your well wishes! XO

  3. Kim says:

    I know the feeling!
    Thanks so much for sharing my post! And that’s super exciting about your performance review post!!!

  4. Shay says:

    Oh, wow, thank you thank you THANK YOU for the awesome shout-out! What a great feeling to come over to read a post and see this. You’ve made my night! And I hope your little Mac feels better soon. I was just talking to my sister, who’s dealing with the same thing. It’s never easy. 🙁

    • Deni Lyn says:

      My pleasure. You are a hoot!

      Thanks for the well-wishes for Mac. He’s doing ok. It’s jus so hard to keep him on a decent sleep schedule when he’s not feeling great and wanting to doze. . .you know.

      I hope your Sister’s child(ren) feel better soon too!