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Toddler Demands: What Gives?

Yesterday, like nearly every other morning, I brought Mac downstairs after he awoke.  Here’s what happened in the next 1 minute and 45 seconds:

The minute his little feet hit the floor, he raced to his Legos.  “Lego, Ego, Ego” he demanded forcefully while pulling the bin from the shelf.

I sat down on the floor and opened the tub of Legos for him.

“Fresh!” he said.

“Ok.  Let’s get that wet diaper off of you,” I say motioning towards him tugging on his pants.

“No!  Pants!  Pants!” he whined.

“Sure.  You can just wear your pants for a little while without the diaper.”

I pull up his pants and he shoves three Legos at me, “HELP!”

“Do you want the blue on top of the green?” I ask.

“CRACK!  CRACK!” he orders.

I put the Legos down and drag myself off the floor and head to the kitchen for crackers.

He follows hot on my heels “Help!  Help!” he exclaims, jamming the Legos into my thigh as I’m putting a couple of crackers in a bowl.

“Ok.  Mommy can help,” I sigh, sidestepping him, putting the bowl of crackers on his little table and clicking the Legos together quickly.

“GURT!! GRUT! GRRRRRRUUUUUUTTTTT!”  He wails while pulling on the freezer drawer (because for some sick and inexplicable reason he will only eat yogurt while standing in front of the open freezer).

I feel my eye start to twitch.

When I was working outside of the home, I used to dread getting to work early.  I’m not a morning person and EVERY TIME I’d walk in the front door early, there were two obnoxious Financial Advisors lying in wait.  They wouldn’t even say “Good Morning” before they started ranting and raving and whining about whatever their seemingly urgent issue was that day.  It was positively infuriating.

And NOW?  Now, my nearly two-year old is making them look like complete amateurs.

Is this normal?  Where did he learn to fire of 25 demands in 20 seconds?  I do not speak this way to other people.  (Well, not out loud at least).  Where did he learn this?!

I did a little reading.  Apparently, this sort of behavior is completely normal.  This is what kids his age do.

Oh well, at least he’s on track developmentally. . .Would someone please pass the prescription drugs and booze to Mommy?  NOW!!!!!

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  1. Assertion of self. So much fun. Chocolate for Mom is also a great coping strategy. 🙂

    • Deni Lyn says:

      He’s assertive alright! I’m pretty sure my Husband added a separate line item to our budget for chocolate. We cannot keep that stuff in the house these days. Aside from my bulging belly roll, I find it’s far superior to the effects of copious amounts of alcohol!

  2. And have you learned yet that what they’re demanding is sometimes the opposite of what they want by the time you get it for them? Need to re–stock the booze supply!

  3. yeah, they learned it from birth when they finally made the connection between screaming and their needs being met. and when you have 2 or more screaming at you it’s easier to appease them than try to teach them patience – which begets more screaming demands.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      I can only imagine you live in a state of constant triage. It’s hard enough to teach one patience. Sigh. Maybe the preschool will have better luck than me!

  4. richardmax22 says:

    Join the crowd! Though I can’t remember, I would like to think my own children were not too demanding, but I damn well know my twin grandkids are! They throw out demands like bullets out of a machine gun. And I believe I would faint if they ever actually said the word please without being asked. My wife is their usual patsie in that she jumps to their every beck and call, no matter what the demand. I’m somewhat more selective in what I consider a reasonable request. And if the demand totally crosses the line, I can make it known. Once I went to open the door for one of them to get in the car. She said, “I want grandma to do it,” she snapped. I was immediately pissed. “Well shit in one hand and want in the other and see which one fills up first! Now get your ass in the car!” I know she had no idea what the first part of my response meant. But that was okay. That was just grandpa venting. But she understood the last part. And she certainly understood the tone of my voice. She jumped in like she had rockets attached to her feet. A crude statement, yes, but effective nonetheless.

    • Deni Lyn says:

      “Throw out demands like bullets out of a machine gun. . .” I love it! I remember even when I was little, my siblings and I each seemed to have a “favorite” victim err grandparent that we seemed to work extra hard to charm and well, frankly manipulate. Ha!

  5. 4eyedblonde says:

    Oh yes, yes, yes…Firstly, here’s the booze. Sip? Good?
    Okay. I can totally relate!! My son used to be the same exact way! From the moment I pulled him from his crib he’d boss me around like he was the Godfather. I would have to stop him and correct him, “You don’t talk to Mommy like that. You ASK Mommy, and say ‘please’.” I guess I didn’t mind jumping to his tune so much if he just had manners about it. LOL

    • Deni Lyn says:

      Ahhhh. . .Thanks for the cocktail! “boss me around like the Godfather” too funny!

      We work very hard on please and thank you and while he doesn’t use it consistently, he’s getting better.

      I’m quickly realizing I have so so little patience for whining. . .and he’s getting better and better at it. I have got to figure out a way to stop this before it gets worse! Currently my strategy involves pretty much involves letting him boss me around. I’m certain I won’t regret that. . .