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Shut Up Already Sunday! Run!!!

Friday morning was brilliantly clear and brutally windy in Baltimore.  Yet, if we don’t get outside for a while most days, Mac and I both start to get a little punchy.  So I piled on pants and shirts and jackets and marched us to the Park for our usual walk and playground time.

Mac has recently become very excited about running.  Running with his arms fully out-stretched to both sides airplane style while gleefully screaming “Run!  Run!  Run!”

He was a few steps behind me when I said “Run” and started running myself face first into the wind.

After a few short steps, I turned around to see Mac joyfully charging forward into the wind, arms outstretched, huge smile on his face.  The clouds rushed by rapidly above us in the perfectly blue sky.

And for just a moment, I was so overcome, it seemed to me that if something should go horribly wrong, and I was never blessed with another breath or another moment. . .THIS would be enough.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Meghan says:

    haha, too cute! Mac can be your running buddy. Having a toddler is a workout in itself, so adding running to the mix and you’ll be ready to run a marathon!